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It’s #TownHalliday time

Image: LGiU

If you’re anything like LGiU staffers,  you’re a fan of a nice town hall.  For me, no summer holiday is complete without  a visit to a town hall, which the rest of the family totally embraces begrudgingly accepts.  We suspect many of our readers share our love for a bit of municipal tourism.

Send us your holiday snaps

We want to see the town halls you see on holiday. Send us your pictures of gorgeous town halls with or without you or your selfies in front of town halls or  – as we like to call it #municipelfie.

It's #TownHalliday time
Our Jennifer Glover in a classic muncipelfie in Malta
It's #TownHalliday time
Ingrid Koehler at the Iglesias town hall in Sardinia

Having a holistay?

Maybe you’re staying home this summer, but you think your local town hall is worth a visit. Show us your town hall, as a fabulous framable shot or as a selfie.

It's #TownHalliday time
Ingrid a little closer to home at Barking & Dagenham.

Photos win prizes

We’ll be awarding prizes – yes, real prizes – for great shots of town halls. We’ll be giving out our limited-edition and highly collectable LGiU mugs for the following categories:

Best photo: most beautiful or artistic photo of a town hall – as judged by LGiU staff.

Best municipelfie: show us your smiling mug with a great municipal background. LGiU staff will judge on creativity and quality.

Furthest flung photo: not just a question of distance  – whether a selfie or a traditional shot of a town hall or municipal office, show us your best shot of local democracy from a place far, far away. We’ll judge on distance, difficulty of travel, obscurity and overall coolness. See the featured photo of Maputo town hall in Mozambique, that’s the kind of thing we’re looking for.

It's #TownHalliday time

And we’ll definitely be commending some cool pictures, too.

Who can play?

Anyone can play! Well, not LGiU staff, our associates or our board. We may or may not look more favourably on submissions from LGiU members.

How to enter?

Photos don’t have to be from this summer, but do need to be from 2019.

Tweet us @LGiU – use the hashtag #townhalliday or #municipelfie or send us your photos via email to info@lgiu.org before Friday 6 September.