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MoU for Mapping: An Irish local authority’s impact on planning functions in Lesotho

In 2014, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Fingal County Council and the Ministry for Local Government and Chieftainship of Lesotho was signed in Maseru. The MOU provided for Fingal to support change, modernisation and reform of the Planning function in that country. The following briefing demonstrates the positive impact that a local authority can…

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Saving money and strengthening councils: why merge local authorities?

Councils across the world are in a state of structural flux. What motivates councils to merge with neighbouring authorities? What contributes to a successful merger? What do citizens make of local authority mergers? This briefing includes examples from England, Japan, Ireland, the United States and Norway. This will be of interest to councillors and officers…

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The (re)turn to decentralisation and hybrid governance systems in cities

Rapid urbanisation, and shocks such as drought/climate change, infrastructure failures and advances in private technology are pushing cities to broaden their definitions of “good governance” away from internal accountability and direct control over bulk services, outward to collective governance and setting standards for distributed systems.  

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More focus on towns

Towns are starting to get the attention they deserve in policy terms. LGiU has long covered the particular challenges facing smaller towns and Janet Sillett looks at issues.

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