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LGIU@40 Collection: Participation

In celebration of 40 years of the LGIU we have developed this collection to showcase LGIU’s resources on participation. This collection offers everything from free-to-read articles and member-only briefings to our Global Local newsletter.

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Global Local Think Tank Review – September 2023

Our monthly Think Tank review highlights key findings from leading think tanks and research institutes across the globe. Topics this month include climate resilient housing, social attitudes towards climate action, youth engagement, childcare challenges, employability support schemes and digital inclusion.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

Our top ten most popular articles last month and a call for more

Want to find out our most popular recent reads. It’s all here, 1-10.  And we love hearing what our readers are doing, too. Find out how you can share your views and experiences with colleagues around the world with an article for LGIU.

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