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Notable practice: LGIU case study roundup February 2023

Councils around the world are tackling problems with resourcefulness and ingenuity. LGIU’s round up of case studies, good practice highlights from our exclusive Daily News and. more. From re-wilding to economic development and cost-of-living support.

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Global Local Executive Panel: Finding long-term financial sustainability

LGIU and the Victorian Local Government Association (VLGA) are thrilled to gather together Chief Executives from Ireland, the UK and Australia to explore the long-term financial sustainability and stability of local government.

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Overview of recent housing market indicators

This briefing provides a succinct summary of relevant statistics relating to key indicators of the housing market in Ireland as it currently stands. It brings together data from various sources to provide a clear picture of the nation’s housing situation.


Oireachtas report: Feb to March 2023

This is the latest briefing on parliamentary affairs impacting local government. It includes references to key legislation and issues in the Oireachtas between February and March and is a great resource for keeping an eye on Irish Parliamentary matters and how they impact the sector. An in-depth briefing on the new planning legislation will follow.