How can local government better support fathers?

The Fatherhood Institute works to build a society which prepares, respects and assists men as involved fathers and caregivers. We spoke to Dr Jeremy Davies, Deputy CEO, about the organisation’s work and how local authorities can help participate in the agenda to integrate fathers better into their role across family life and education.

England & Wales, Scotland

Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 9th May 2024

In this new episode, co-hosts Simone and Freya discuss the LGIU’s Global Local newsletter, from its beginnings to how it’s grown, and what it represents as part of LGIU’s vision for the future of local government everywhere.


Net zero neighbourhoods: Innovative investment at the local level to transform urban living

We chatted with Rufus Grantham, the originator behind net-zero neighbourhoods, aiming to revolutionise 100 European cities by 2030. Transitioning from finance to sustainability, Rufus innovated a model blending private finance with urban retrofitting and suggests that community-wide approaches led by local government are key to sustainable transformation and reaching net zero goals.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland

“Being a local authority Chief Executive is the best job in the world” – Dr Grace Vickers, Solace Scotland Chair

In this interview, Dr Grace Vickers, Solace Scotland Chair and Midlothian Council CEO, discusses current trends and issues in local government with LGIU Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West. Covering the benefits of an education career in local government to facts about local government finance, Vickers shares her expertise and advice for success in the sector.