Innovation and Service Transformation

Especially in the current climate of financial uncertainty and public health challenges, councillors have had to make very difficult decisions and think creatively about how to continue delivering essential public services. This award will celebrate councillors who have pioneered new ways of delivering high-quality council services in order to support their residents to live fulfilling lives.

This could include redesigning services to reduce demand in a way that also improves quality for users; creating partnerships with other organisations to reach new groups; trialling new approaches to achieving desired outcomes; breaking down internal silos; transforming whole systems to focus on the service user.

The projects can come from any service area such as:

  • delivering more affordable and social housing;
  • improving health and care outcomes by redesigning service provision;
  • building child-focused social services to improve life chances;
  • improving council finances and promoting sustainable financial practices.

Projects can also be council-wide in scope.

The winner of this award will:

  • demonstrate a long-term commitment to supporting better outcomes for service users;
  • conform to the principles of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, showing a three-pronged approach to service redesign;
  • champion innovation and responsibility when designing and delivering services;
  • be receptive to the concerns and ideas put forward by their residents and tailor council policy to meet their needs;
  • demonstrate that service users have been involved in the design and delivery of services;
  • pursued visionary transformation programmes that have improved the quality of services;
  • have carried out a tangible service project OR made an important contribution to the overall improvement of council services.

Successful submissions should:

  • provide clear examples of work or projects they have carried out;
  • provide evidence of positive outcomes that have been achieved as a result of their efforts or evidence of the projected positive impact.
Image by PopcornSusanN from Pixabay