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This programme is an innovative way to equip your cohort of Managers (from Team Leader to Service Manager level) with a thorough but concise overview of the knowledge, and skills needed as a foundation for the role. It concentrates on six fundamental principles which form the foundation for good management practice in Local Government. The programme reflects the challenges organisations have faced because of COVID-19 and the implications for those managing others, often with significant home working. This new context for managing will run through all of the content with opportunities to discuss experiences and lessons already learnt.

The programme consists of 6 x 2 ½ hour, interactive online modules (2 modules per day) spread over a month. Each module provides input on the key principles and useful models and principles as well as opportunities to reflect, self assess and work together.

As the programme provides a foundation participating managers can develop a personal development plan incorporating other specialised workshops that form part of your overall programme.

Some minimal pre course work and between workshop activities are required to complete the programme which should amount to around 2 hours in total. It is expected that participants line managers will provide feedback and support. In addition, participants will be asked to complete a short assignment at the end of the workshops which pulls together the learning.


Managers completing the workshop will:

  • Improve their own management performance and the performance of the team
  • Understand and be able to adapt their approach to suit agile and remote working
  • Motivate through positive management behaviour
  • Build stronger more effective relationships within their team and beyond
  • Lead and contribute to a healthy and resilient team
  • Demonstrate confidence in undertaking their management role
  • Have established a foundation for further personal development
  • Be better equipped to achieve their objectives.

Below you’ll find downloads to the presentations and other information from the workshops that you attended on management fundamentals.

Download the following:

DAY 1: 27 APRIL 2022: 10:00-16:00

SLIDES Day1 Management Fundamentals

Pre-Course NOTES Management Fundamentals


Personal Learning Log Excel version

Useful Resources:

  • The Fifth Discipline and the Dance of Change – Peter Senge
  • Beyond Certainty – Charles Handy
  • Learning into the Future – George Binney and Colin Williamson
  • Build it… The Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement – Glenn Elliot and Debra Corey
  • The Speed of Trust – Stephen M R Covey.
  • The one-minute Manager series (meets the monkey, new manager and leadership) – Kenneth Blanchard.

Day 1

Fundamental 1. – Understanding the Role 


  • Clarifying the manager’s role and responsibilities
  • Balancing the requirements of being a manager and other demands
  • Considering task, team and individual requirements
  • Identifying the characteristics of effective managers
  • Using feedback and self-assessment to compare current capability against these factors. 

Fundamental 2. – An Ability to Choose Style and Approach


  • The implications of COVID-19 on style and approach particularly in relation to home and agile working
  • How is working differently affecting you?
  • Understanding your preferences and management drivers
  • Understanding others needs and the need of the situation
  • Using the Situational Leadership model.

Download the following:

DAY 2: 11 MAY 2022: 10:00-16:00

NOTES Day 2 Management Fundamentals Modules 3&4 May2022


Slides Online management fundamentals Day 2

final assignment



Useful resources:

Key Management Models – Steven ten Have, Wouter ten Have, Frans Stevens, Marcel van der Elst, Fiona Pol-Coyne
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R Covey
The One Minute Manager – Kenneth Blanchard and Spenser Johnson
Emotional Intelligence and Working with Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman
How to be a Productivity Ninja – Graham Allcott
The Speed of Trust – Stephen M R Covey

Day 2

Fundamental 3. – Motivate Through Your Behaviour 


  • How are you perceived?
  • Making behavioural choices to maximise your personal impact
  • Overcoming the challenges of remote communication to maintain impact and motivation
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence as a manager to recognise stress and anxiety
  • Understanding what really motivates and creating those conditions
  • An assertive but fair and empathetic approach
  • Maintaining engagement through the PDR process.


Fundamental 4. – Organise Yourself and Your Team


  • Ensuring clear direction and maintaining a sense of team when working remotely
  • Impact of your organisation on the team
  • Prioritising and balancing your time, managing your online availability for the team
  • Ensuring team communication generally and when homeworking
  • Managing issues within the team
  • Delegating effectively and developing peoples capability through coaching and mentoring.

Download the following:

DAY 3: 25 MAY 2022: 10:00-16:00

Slides Online management fundamentals Day 3

Day 3

Fundamental 5. – Managing Performance Both in the Workplace and Remotely


  • What makes managing people remotely different?
  • Providing a framework using the Demands, Constraints and choices model
  • Establishing expectations and focusing on outcomes
  • Building trust into the virtual work environment
  • Addressing issues as they arise and having the difficult conversations
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • The links with the Council’s formal processes
  • Making the best use of the PDR process.


Fundamental 6. – The Managers Role in Maintaining Wellbeing and Building Resilience


  • Becoming more knowledgeable about wellbeing and resilience
  • What part can the manager play and understanding the boundaries
  • Signposting to help and support
  • Noticing behaviour changes and supporting people who may be struggling
  • Building supportive relationships throughout your team
  • Looking after yourself.

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