In-house training cancellation policy

As a charity, we seek to keep our costs down and work with our clients to get the best results.

However, in the event of postponement or cancellation of LGiU in-house training services, your organisation will be liable as follows:

In all cases a week is taken to be a full calendar week; Monday to Sunday inclusive of any bank holidays.

  • Notice given to LGiU with a full 4 weeks of agreed delivery date – no charge made
  • Notice given to LGiU within 3 weeks of delivery date – 25% of the total agreed sum
  • Notice given to LGiU within 2 weeks of delivery date – 50% of the total agreed sum
  • Notice given to LGiU of less than 1 week of delivery date – 100% of the total agreed sum.

We trust you understand this is to ensure LGiU’s advance arrangement costs and indeed trainer fees/expenses are covered. Naturally, we will discuss and seek to take into account any extenuating circumstances – or indeed rescheduling at zero cost, if applicable.

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