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Help us cover the local elections


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On 7 May, voters all over the country will tick the box next to the name of the person who will make decisions about their local parks, the education of their kids, how they get back and forth to work and the social care of their parents.  And there are general elections on, too.

Here at LGiU we’re getting ready to pull the stops out to cover the 279 elections that matter in the places where you live – the local elections. With the help of a network of count correspondents, we’ve successfully (and dare I say entertainingly) covered the local elections for several years – often beating the big media outfits to the punch.

While they’re all still bleary eyed covering the recounts and the coalition negotiations (maybe) and pontificating on various unlikely governing scenarios, we’ll be daisy-fresh and ready to cover the elections that really matter.

We can’t do it without you, though. We need count correspondents, guest bloggers and contributors for our #LE2015 coverage on 8 May.  Join us.
Find out more about our #LE2015 plans.