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A free weekly newsletter for people in local government brought to you by the Local Government Information Unit.  We are a non-profit, non-partisan, local government-owned membership body. From environment and infrastructure policies, to childcare, culture, public health and workforce, we explore a different theme in depth each week. We condense key issues, summarise learning and signpost you to the best resources if you need to know more – every Wednesday.

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Local solutions to global challenges

At the LGIU (Local Government Information Unit) we believe that the most innovative and effective answers to the global challenges that we all face are coming from local governments around the world. But when you work in local government, finding the time to connect with what colleagues in other countries are doing is never easy.

When ideas are shared, they bring global problems down to earth, enabling you to serve citizens with greater confidence.

Global Local creates that connection for you. We bring you the best from public servants, researchers, civic society and innovators for citizen engagement. Our team connects you with the latest thinking around complex problems in an accessible and digestible format. We provide an unbiased, non-partisan view of how local government colleagues everywhere are tackling the same issues that you and your communities are facing.

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The latest

Global Local: Sustainable and affordable housing

This week's Global Local explores all things sustainable and affordable housing. Housing is one of the most complex challenges uniting local authorities everywhere, which is why the solutions must be shared.

Members & Global Local

Global Local: Modern libraries

This week's Global Local explores how libraries are making themselves indispensable in the modern world.


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  • Ability to create your own library of resources to return to when you need them most.

…all brought to you at no charge by an international team with decades of local government experience.

We kickstart your understanding of complex issues and because we’re local government, too we understand what resources to show you so you’ll never have to re-invent the wheel.


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Global Local archive

Explore the archive of past editions. Turnaround cities, rural 20 minute neighbourhoods, trauma informed services, the power of music for connection and economy or the council and the car – we look at a new issue each week, exploring complex problems and bringing you the story of local governments who are breaking through barriers to do more for their citizens.

Global connections

Our Global Local executive panel brings together key thinkers and doers in local government and we’re working with our members to create more global connections to support relationships that bridge distance but reinforce common interest.

What people are saying about LGIU's bulletins and briefings

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In local government, it’s too easy to get caught up in the day to day. I often forward bulletins to my team to help them think more strategically.

– emergency planner

They help me get an understanding of complex problems quickly. It helps me see how global issues impact on my community’s services. I like that there are clear links to learn even more if I need to.

– locally elected official

Sometimes it can feel like an indulgence to read about local government in other countries, but we’ve found the insights really helpful as we review our services. Plus it’s somehow helpful to see how other councils are struggling with the same issues we are.

– service reviewer in support to elected officials

On too many occasions to recall the bulletins have allowed me to get a lateral view across local government internationally and identify good practice to use in my own local authority.

-manager in public health

Great content, great tone and genuinely a pleasure to read. 10/10. I always read LGIU’s newsletters.

-public service researcher


As a councillor they’ve been essential to get me up to speed, but also to sound like I’m up to speed. It gives me and the people I represent the confidence that I’m using well-evidenced information to support decision-making. I’ve also been using LGIU’s Global briefings to support my professional development, they’ve been really helpful in my Masters’ studies.

– locally elected official