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Global Local: [true] crime and local government


LGIU’s Global Local Recap newsletter recently focused on local government’s role in crime prevention. In this episode, Ingrid Koehler chats with Heather Wilson, the Youth Commissioner at Bradford Council, to discuss their crime prevention programme, called Breaking the Cycle and some of the wider, innovative youth work they’re doing.

Plus, as a little twist on the usual show format, Ingrid shares a local government true crime story from Biloxi, Mississippi which involves murder, corruption, gangs and so much more. In this whodunnit, was it the mayor or the other mayor who was responsible for murdering a former councillor and mayoral candidate and her local judge husband? Joining her to discuss the case is LGIU’s Freya Millard, who has experience hosting her own true crime podcast.

Links mentioned in this show:

Special mention to Southern Fried True Crime Podcast where Ingrid first heard of the Sherry murders and their local government connection as well as Crime Town and The City.


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