Global Local terms and conditions

Thank you for subscribing to the LGIU’s Global Local newsletter service.

Free trial period

A brand new subscriber to Global Local enjoys a two-month free trial period. While we do take your credit card details we do not take any payment from you until the free trial period is over.

During the two-month free trial period you may cancel your subscription at any time. This will end your subscription with us and we will not take any payment.

You may not begin another free trial for at least 12-months after cancelling a free trial.

How long does my subscription last?

After the end of your two-month free trial period, we will take payment from your credit card and your Global local subscription will then run for 12 months from the date of that payment.

What do I get for my subscription

Global Local subscribers receive one newsletter each week, regular Global Local policy briefings, the Global Local Think Tank Review every month and access to briefings and report archives.

My responsibilities

LGIU is the owner of all Global Local content (unless otherwise stated) that appears on the LGIU website and/or is distributed via email (newsletters, policy briefings etc).

You may not forward or give access to material that is part of your Global Local subscription to non-subscribers. You may use Global Local content from the LGIU website or emails for personal and non-commercial use, provided that LGIU Global Local and the author (where available) are cited.

By using the LGIU’s website you agree to abide by our terms of use.

Cost of subscription and how payment is collected

Global Local subscriptions are collected on an annual basis. We use Stripe[LINK TO STRIPE?] to collect all credit/debit card payments.

The current cost of a Global Local subscription is $50 per year. This is a ‘founding subscribers’ rate. The ‘founding subscribers’ rate will be offered to new subscribers for at least a year but for as long thereafter as LGIU chooses. Subsequently a higher rate may be advertised to new subscribers.

Following the end of the ‘founding subscriber’ promotion offer those ‘founding subscribers’ will always enjoy a 50% discount on any increased subscription rate (but the ‘founding subscriber’ subscription will never fall below $50 per year).

Notice of renewal

We will notify you by email before a renewal payment is due to be taken from your credit/debit card and inform you of how much will be debited.

Cancellation of subscription

You can cancel your Global Local subscription from the ‘My account’ area of the LGIU website at any time (you can access this area by logging into the website), but the subscription will continue to run (and you can continue to access all the benefits of the subscription) until the end of the 12-month period. Cancelling your subscription will mean that it is not renewed once the 12-month period has expired.


We do try very hard to make sure that the information we provide to you via email and on our website is as accurate as possible, but we do not commit to keeping it up to date or to removing out of date content. The content on the website or communicated to you via email is not legal advice and we can accept no liability for any loss or damage that occurs through relying solely on this information and not seeking independent advice.

We endeavour to ensure that the website is available 24 hours a day but this may not always be possible and we reserve the right to temporarily suspend part or all of the website without notice because of system failure, maintenance or for any other reason.