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Global Local podcast: All resettlement is local


Welcome to the new Global Local podcast. It links to our new free weekly newsletter the Global Local Recap. This week LGIU’s Jonathan Carr-West and Ingrid Koehler talk about the principles of global localism and how the refugee crisis and the resettlement of refugees in local communities is the perfect exemplar.

This episode ties in with our recent Global Local Recap issue on refugees and local government. Other links mentioned in the podcast:

We also mentioned a piece of research on refugee and migrant contribution to local economies: here’s a piece from Nature.

Listen to the full episode:

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One thought on “Global Local podcast: All resettlement is local

  1. Making people aware that refugees are a local issue. These people are not just a problem, but sources of new ideas that can benefit their new communities in the long run. Thank you for bringing the issue to the surface. I live in a tiny town in Tennessee, and some refugee people have brought yoga here to enrich what is available here. This one small small but significant to a small population place.

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