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Global Local: Sustainable energy

Local government is driving the change to alternative fuels and decarbonisation. Find out how councils are supporting sustainable energy.

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Community gardens and food security

Find out how local gov is supporting food security, personal fulfilment and stronger communities through community gardens and growing!

Floods of the future: what can we learn from recent responses to flooding?

Over the past few days, Germany ​​(along with parts of the Netherlands and Belgium) has experienced catastrophic flooding, following record levels of rainfall in parts of the country. Questions have arisen around how such a devastating outcome was able to prevail as the death toll surpasses 180 and core infrastructure is predicted to remain a…

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Giving the community a say, ‘Planning Vancouver Together’

Early 2019, a team of residents came together and spent six months discussing a new city-wide approach to planning. In July 2019 City of Vancouver council approved the approach and released the ‘Planning Vancouver Together (PVT) plan, a three-year programme to involve the community in the development of the city. The hope is that by…

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Canada Bay Connects

One year on from when COVID-19 first hit, the City of Canada Bay takes us through some of the ways they adapted to the pandemic to maintain access to community services and keep citizens connected and supported through the last 12 challenging months.

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Regional inequality and centralisation

Can lifting up local be centrally led? The balance of fiscal and decision-making powers between central and local governments can be difficult to get right as we explore in this newsletter.

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On the record: New Zealand’s published briefings for incoming ministers

New Zealand government publishes briefings provided to incoming ministers by their departments. This briefing looks at how could usefully be adopted in Australia, offering valuable insights and other benefits for Australian governments and the broader community.

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Planning for inclusivity: How Vienna built a gender-equal city

Low visibility of women’s experiences in the male-dominated field of planning can shape our environments to fit male norms, but it doesn’t have to be this way. LGIU’s Kat McManus writes on the benefits of applying a gender lens to planning and explores how Vienna became a role model for their application of this approach.

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