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Reflecting on the outcomes of COP26

This final COP26 newsletter reflects on the conference and provides resources, case studies and tools for local authorities.

Local government’s role in the epidemic of violence against women

The United Nations General Assembly has designated today (November 25) as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The important question is how can this translate into action at a global level? As local authority members know all too well, it all begins with action at a local level.

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Libraries have long been considered an essential frontline public service and a key part of local government responsibilities, yet they have been under threat in many places. However, libraries are adapting, innovating and demonstrating their value in delivering wider local objectives.

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Misinformation and disinformation

Stopping the spread of misinformation is particularly vital to local governments. This edition focuses on how local governments can respond to misinformation and disinformation in their communities.

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Digital inclusion

This week’s edition focuses on the issue of digital inclusion. The Covid-19 pandemic rapidly accelerated the digitalisation of key services across the globe, from government to education to banking. As municipal leaders look towards recovery, they are faced with a widening digital divide, where both the scale and impact of digital exclusion are felt more keenly…

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Crime prevention and rehabilitation

While many local authorities are not actively involved in prisons or justice proceedings, they play a crucial role in crime prevention and helping people who have committed crimes to reintegrate into society. This edition of the Global Local highlights municipal initiatives helping to reduce violence, manage the impacts of crime and support at-risk people.

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Local authorities on the journey to COP26: Shaping a just and fair transition

Ahead of COP26, there is an opportunity to demonstrate to the world the importance of local places in catalysing a green recovery from Covid-19 and a just transition to net zero – and that for communities to adapt and thrive in a climate-changing world, the next phase of decarbonisation needs to put questions of resilience,…

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City deals: unlocking local government potential

As rapid urbanisation continues globally, cities and city regions are emerging as popular scales for subnational investment and innovation. Forming something of a global trend, ‘city deals’ and similar initiatives have been implemented in countries including the UK, France, the Philippines, Australia and the Netherlands.

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Flood resilience

This edition of Global Local focuses on flooding. Severe flooding has hit communities around the globe this year, disrupting lives and livelihoods and causing lasting damage to infrastructure and property.