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Government Food Strategy – what does it mean for local authorities?

The government food strategy aims to deliver ministers’ ambitions for a prosperous UK agri-food sector, contributing to levelling up, greater food security in an unpredictable world, and healthier, affordable and more sustainable diets for all. Local government is expected to play an important role in delivering the priorities.

England & Wales, Scotland
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Fact or Fake? Tackling misinformation and disinformation

How can local authorities establish proactive measures to combat misinformation and disinformation? This briefing advises on the development of trusted, positive counter-narratives.

England & Wales, Global
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Transitioning from the shutdown of Ireland’s extractive peat sector

Ireland’s boglands are among the most important in world terms, and have long been a traditional accessible and low-cost source of fuel. This briefing looks at how communities are managing the transition from an extraction based economy.

Ireland With case study
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Global Local bulletin: Workforce planning

The latest Global Local is packed full of new research on workforce planning and employment support for local governments and communities.


Local government workforce and capability planning

Effective workforce planning and development is essential for local government to ensure they have the capacity and capability to deliver services to communities and meet future challenges. At the same time, local councils are significant employers and play an important role in their local economies. While the powers and responsibilities of local government differ across…

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Northern Ireland With case study

Cities are leading in efforts to advance workers’ rights

Guest bloggers LiJia Gong and Terri Gerstein outline their recent findings on how local governments in the US are supporting their own workforce and enforcing workers’ rights in their communities.

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Global Local Cllr Showcase 2022

We put the spotlight on our upcoming Global Local Cllr Showcase. This category of the Cllr Awards 2022 is an opportunity to highlight and recognise the great work of elected leaders in local government near and far.

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Housing affordability and the impacts of Short-Term Rental Accommodation

Access to appropriate and affordable housing is a challenge facing many local governments across Australia. Australia’s housing climate, with historically lower interest rates and tax subsidies, has encouraged speculative housing investment and led to increased dwelling prices, declining housing affordability, and reduced accessibility – particularly for low-income households.

Australia With case study