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Why work in local government? The future of local government careers in the UK

This article dives into the pressing challenges and solutions shaping local government careers in the UK. With a workforce in decline and vacancies on the rise, how can innovative recruitment strategies and a focus on career progression reignite interest in crucial public service roles?

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AI and the council: Case studies and resources for local government

Curated case studies and resources on how local governments are using the latest developments in artificial intelligence to streamline their processes and better support their residents. Examples this week come from Taiwan, Australia, Canada and England.

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Maximising local tourism and community engagement through seasonal attractions

This briefing explores the impact of seasonal attractions, emphasising their importance to local economies, tourism, and community engagement. It highlights the key role of councils in managing these attractions and addresses the impact of seasonality on visitor numbers and revenue while also offering the opportunity to celebrate local culture and build community spirit.

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Climate action: Case studies and resources for local government

Curated case studies and news from around the globe highlighting some of our favourite climate policies and approaches featured on SmartCitiesWorld this year, as well as some of the more major climate data and reports from recent months.

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Looking for a home: Can local government help younger people deal with the housing crisis?

In many countries, young people are bearing the brunt of the housing crisis. With home ownership and even renting out of their reach, what options are open besides living with mum and dad? This briefing surveys the scene and flags up some of the solutions on offer from local government.

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First hand international perspectives on the risks and rewards of being a councillor

This briefing explores the challenges faced by local councillors in various countries. It highlights the personal and political tribulations of balancing public service with the harsh realities of a polarised political climate, including harassment, work-life imbalance, and mental health struggles. The narrative also underscores the intrinsic satisfaction derived from community improvement despite these adversities.


Improving life chances: Case studies and resources for local government

Curated case studies and news from around the globe highlighting some of the innovative ways municipalities are improving life prospects, health outcomes, and life expectancy, plus the best and most practical reports on the topic. Examples this week come from Mexico, the UK, and the U.S.

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Educational attainment – who’s getting it right?

This briefing outlines the educational attainment gap, its contributing factors, and the methods for measurement across different countries. It highlights effective approaches in Finland and Singapore, emphasising early education, teacher autonomy, and supportive environments as key strategies for achieving high levels of educational success and narrowing the gap.

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