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Trauma-informed services: Context and benefits

The growth of trauma-informed practice in health and social care has evolved rapidly in the last several years and is now being effectively integrated into services and support structures globally. How did this movement begin and how has it developed?

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Notable practice: LGIU case study roundup March-April 2023

Councils around the world are tackling problems with resourcefulness and ingenuity. LGIU’s round up of case studies, good practice highlights from our exclusive Daily News and. more. From re-wilding to economic development and cost-of-living support.

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Municipal experiences of water conservation in Spain

Water conservation is a critical issue for life and for sustainable development. In recent years, Spain has become one of the most water-stressed industrialized countries in the world. The municipal experiences of water conservation in Spain may offer valuable insights for local government experts interested in comparative cases of water usage and conservation.


Global Local: Think Tank Review April 2023

The monthly Global Local Think Tank review highlights relevant research and policy from leading think tanks around the world. This month: artificial intelligence (AI), economic inactivity after the pandemic, and low wage/precarious work. It also includes reports covering food systems, migration governance and wellbeing policy tools.

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Global Local: Mental Health Support

In this issue of Global Local, we’re looking at how local authorities can best support the mental health of the communities they serve.