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We started Global Local to share learning across local governments where we have core membership and where we don’t. This is why we’re offering courtesy membership to other non-profit local government associations or membership bodies who operate at an international, national, multi-region or state/provincial level outside the UK.

So what’s the catch?

There’s no catch, well – not really. We’re not looking to charge you money down the line. But we do want to build productive relationships. We’re offering you free access to all our stuff, and in exchange we’d like to hear from you. Maybe you could send us a blog post about something you’re proud of. Perhaps you could nominate an elected official to our Global Local Cllr Showcase. And from time to time, we might ask you for some ideas, feedback, case study examples or perhaps a speaker for one of our Global Local Executive Panels. One small, but meaningful, exchange per year is all we ask to maintain your courtesy membership. That’s it. Really.

Let's work together to support our members in local government

Just like you, we work with local governments. As the largest independent local government membership body in the UK, we know what it takes to support elected and appointed officials who are working to make places better. Since the founding of the Local Government Information Unit, four decades ago, we’ve expanded into new territories like the Republic of Ireland and Australia.

This made us become increasingly aware that the world is small. Every place is different, but we’re all facing some of the same problems. Housing affordability, developing a skilled workforce, technology and the pace of change, or building resilience. And these are just a few of the shared challenges. We also know that no local government can ‘do it all’, solving problems from scratch. We can all benefit from inspiration from elsewhere.

Who we are

The LGIU is a member-owned organisation. We’re non-profit, non-partisan and passionate about local democracy.

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More about us

Find out more about LGIU, why we do what we do, the services that we provide to our members and our support for local democracy.

Global Local

Our Global Local Bulletin provides a weekly deep dive into a challenge shared by local governments all over the planet. Find out more about Global Local or check out our archives. You’ll have full access to our archives, briefings  in the Global Local library with your courtesy membership.

Local Democracy Research Centre

We developed the Local Democracy Research Centre to provide a bridge between academia and local government. Working with partners, co-sponsoring PhDs and conducting original research, we’re focused on rigorously evidenced-based pragmatic solutions. Find out more.

If you registered and we don’t yet have your organisation on our list, fill out a few details to find out if your organisation is eligible.

We want to hear from you.

We love hearing about the great work of local government no matter where their local is. Share your ideas for content or an article. Submit a piece you’ve already published on your own website. Drop it in our online suggestion box. Any questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Now let's talk about you

You may already be a member.

If you are on staff at a local government association, you may already have courtesy membership. Sign up with your official work email address to activate your membership. Sign up for our Global Local Bulletin or our weekly round up newsletter And Finally while you’re there.

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