This award is for councillors outside of Great Britain only. Please do not nominate a councillor for this award if they are an elected member in England, Wales or Scotland. Please see the main Cllr Awards page to nominate a councillor from these countries.

We recommend you read the guidelines (below) before submitting a nomination for the Global Local Community Champion Award.

Global Local Community Champion

Solutions can be found by sharing problems. Inspiration from best practice can lead to local innovation. Celebrating successes from elsewhere can keep us motivated in our own communities.

At LGIU, our work focuses on sharing innovation and information that supports sustainable, successful communities around the globe to drive inspiration and implementation. That is why we’re asking our readers to nominate councillors or elected representatives to local government from outside of Great Britain for our inaugural Global Local Community Champion Award.

The Champion will be selected as part of the LGIU & CCLA Cllr Awards where we have been celebrating the vital work of individual councillors working across England and Wales since 2010 and across Scotland since 2018. With a fresh focus on the ‘now normal’ and how local governments around the world are working with their communities to build better, more sustainable places, we will be showcasing the most innovative local responses to pressing global issues throughout the awards.

The Global Local Community Champion will be an elected member from outside of England, Scotland or Wales who has used community involvement to ensure that their council makes the right decisions for their citizens.

The Global Local Community Champion will have worked tirelessly over the last year to use their position within the council to bring residents’ voices into council decision-making, support their projects and ideas, and bridge diverse opinions within the community.

The councillor who wins this award will demonstrate some or all of these:

  • they have championed a cause (or several) on behalf of the community using council mechanisms or structures, leading to positive change for the local area;
  • visible efforts to engage communities and individuals in decisions about their local area, leading to better decisions for local people;
  • an understanding of the different views of communities within their area and that they effectively facilitate discussion and representation of these views to the council;
  • strong relationships with community activists and community groups that have led to tangible positive changes.

Successful submissions should:

  • focus on how the councillor has used council structures to bring about a positive change in the community;
  • provide clear examples of work or projects they have carried out in their role as a councillor.

The Global Local Community Champion will be showcased at the Cllr Awards ceremonies taking place in the autumn.

To nominate a councillor, please use the form below to describe the project and outline why the councillor involved deserves to win (approximately 400 words). If you know a councillor deserving of recognition, be sure to nominate them today!

We’ll be in touch with more information if they are selected for the ceremony, and we will also be looking to feature a range of case studies on our website and in the Global Local Recap. For further details, please email

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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