Global Local: Charging the future


Whether focused on addressing climate change or making savings, local governments around the world are moving away from fossil fuels and looking for more sustainable, renewable energy solutions. This week’s Global Local Recap highlights innovation and inspiration from around the world, improving the bottom line for public service agencies and the people they serve. From de-carbonising transportation to using fuel sources that support cleaner air, Global Local brings together inspirational examples including:

  • Floating solar panels to power municipal action in New York
  • Sustainability in Aberdeen, Scotland – a city built on the oil and gas industry
  • Councils in Australia supporting each other in sustainability pledges
  • The hydrogen olympics in Japan
  • New thinking from top think tanks around the world

The Recap also highlights in depth work from LGIU on how councils can take advantage of the hydrogen revolution and more on sustainability. We’re also sharing links to other resources including our own seminar on how smaller councils can take action on the climate crisis.

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