Global Local: call for examples and case studies, June 2023


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Our Global Local bulletin highlights local solutions to global challenges, with a different theme each week offering critical insights, policy suggestions and case studies. We love hearing what our subscribers are up to, and the successes and challenges they’ve experienced in policy or projects.

As such, we’re looking for your insights on our upcoming editions. If you can tell us about these topics, please get in touch and we can help you craft an effective case study.

Irish spotlight, June 21st: 

To mark the LGMA’s Your Council Day on June 23, we’re highlighting the services Irish local government provide for people and communities. In keeping with the theme of Your Council Day, we’ll be commemorating the range of work taking place across Irish local authorities, including the services not always associated with councils, such as arts and heritage, urban and village renewal, and tourism. We’re looking for perspectives on the importance of local government in Ireland and some of the services and work you think gets overlooked.

Turnaround cities, June 28th: 

Cities such as Dortmund or Lille have faced severe economic shocks and resulting cycles of long-term economic decline, but managed to transition to more successful futures. In this edition, we’re examining the cities that have faced industrial/economic decline but managed to turn things around, with particular focus on the actions post-industrial places took. We want to hear from you if your town, city or region has overcome a period of economic turbulence. 

The council and the car, July 19th: 

With pedestrianisation and low-traffic neighbourhoods increasingly popular and contentious, we’ll be covering the role of the car in our places in 2023. We’re looking for ways your council has tackled issues such as car dependency, congestion fees, or the electrification of your council fleet.

Citizen science, July 26th: 

For this edition, we’re looking for examples of citizen science projects you’ve organised or how you’ve promoted citizen science in your local area. Have you found citizen-led data collection projects have led to a greater understanding of your local environment? Has citizen science led to improve public engagement and awareness of local issues? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Food policy councils, August 2nd:

Popular in North America and increasingly in Europe, food policy councils have begun to facilitate sustainable food system governance activities among local stakeholders, and act as an alternative to conglomerate food companies. With their focus on sustainable outcomes and democratic processes, we want to know how these councils have operated in practice. We’d love to hear your experience of participating or operating food policy councils in your local area.

Coastal management, TBA: 

We’re looking for insight on how your coastal management teams balance the risk to life, property and environment caused by coastal erosion, alongside perspectives on advising new and existing developments on your coastline and managing the threats of flooding.

Your experiences welcome!

We’re always eager to hear from our local government colleagues on anything you’re doing or ideas you’d like us to cover. Let us know!

If you have a story to share, please get in touch. You can submit content through our online suggestion box or get in touch directly by emailing [email protected]  Perhaps you already have something written up or maybe you’d like help constructing a case study? Either way, we’d love to hear from you.