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Accessibility in housing and infrastructure

For this edition we explored how local authorities can plan for inclusion, removing barriers to participation for disabled people. This includes inspirational case studies of innovation from places like the USA, Sweden, Australia and Luxembourg.

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In this newsletter, we put the spotlight on the global addiction crisis and the ways local government can intervene. This includes exploring the lasting legacy of the controversial (yet impactful) Iceland model for discouraging teen alcohol and drug use and examining the growing overdose death rate which has been exacerbated during Covid-19, with a particular…


The case for electric vehicles (EVs) is plain. Yet making them the rule rather than the exception on our roads is another matter entirely. In this issue of Global Local, we explore how local policy can facilitate improved uptake and management of electric vehicles – of all shapes and sizes.

Celebrate with us 🎉 Global Local’s first birthday

A year ago, we launched our first newsletter and we have certainly come a long way since. From dealing with potholes to humanitarian concerns, in a short space of time, we’ve covered over 50 different topics that are important to those at the heart of local democracy. Our first birthday edition of Global Local showcases…

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Emerging technologies in education

Over the last decade, the digitalisation of education has already created a number of opportunities for students and educators alike. More recently, emerging (new) technologies – think AI, learning analytics, virtual reality or robotics – have begun to take education to the next stage as we explore in this newsletter.

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Quarterly round-up July 2022

Our quarterly round-up edition of Global Local allows you to revisit your favourite topics – and gives our new readers a chance to catch up. Keep reading for a refresh on our top content from the past few months.

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Participatory democracy: Citizens’ Assemblies

In this newsletter, we illustrated how citizens’ assemblies can come to life, from case studies from Belgium and Ireland to inspiration from Japan’s futuristic roleplay during deliberation to encourage intergenerational equity.

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Freshwater management

We put the spotlight on all things local water management, from clearing pollution and improving biodiversity to securing the supply of fresh, safe drinking water.

Pride: representation during June and beyond

We explored local government’s responsibility to serve LGBTQIA+ communities, through Pride, representation and more. In this issue, we share a fantastic new interview, plus innovation from leading cities globally and helpful resources and policy examples.