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Smart cities – sparking innovation?

A smart city initially indicated an idealised city connected to concepts of automation and technology, but has evolved to include ideas related to sustainability and human-centred design.

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Global Local: Child friendly communities

How can local government engage children and teenagers in planning and deliver urban development that keeps the child in all of us in mind.

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Global Local: Spotlight on New Zealand

New Zealand has been raised as an example of better practice when it comes to wellbeing policy, quality of life and relationships with Indigenous communities. But how well is local government working in New Zealand?

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Global Local: Community wealth building

How can councils work more closely with key civic institutions to ensure growth proceeds are distributed more equitably among the people who live and work in an area?

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Global Local: Indigenous communities

Local action to support the rights of Indigenous peoples and lessons that can support minority communities in every society.

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Global Local: Sustainable energy

Local government is driving the change to alternative fuels and decarbonisation. Find out how councils are supporting sustainable energy.

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Community gardens and food security

Find out how local gov is supporting food security, personal fulfilment and stronger communities through community gardens and growing!

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Regional inequality and centralisation

Can lifting up local be centrally led? The balance of fiscal and decision-making powers between central and local governments can be difficult to get right as we explore in this newsletter.