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Getting action from talking


Everyone is holding their breath for the climate change talks in Copenhagen in December this year. Will we get a post-Kyoto deal and will the US and China get on board? But the build up to December is already under way with international conversations about how to deliver challenging carbon reduction targets and really adapt to climate change.

This week it is the turn of local government at the Local Government Climate Change Leadership Summit in Copenhagen. There are a range of practical discussions, from how we can adapt to drought to carbon capture and storage, aimed at influencing the discussions in December.

The LGiU is here talking about carbon trading and the need to have a price on carbon. Local governments should not be a passive bystander in carbon trading – on the contrary be a leader in the field. In the UK many local councils will have to take part in trading through the Carbon Reduction Commitment. The LGiU’s voluntary scheme Carbon Trading Councils is making sure they are well prepared and more importantly understand how trading is a tool for making sure they are investing in carbon reduction.

The question still remains whether internationally local governments are ready to trade.