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FutureGov launches new project “to bring about radical change”



Patrick Butler’s lead in Society last week ended saying, “creating smarter, more efficient and socially just public services that deliver demonstrably higher impact and greater social value is the necessary task of the public and voluntary sector over the next three years.”

FutureGov’s latest project ‘Simpl’ aims to assist with just this task – attempting as it does to “connect innovators with the public sector to bring about radical change”.

Crucial to this ‘match-making’ space is the understanding that not all collaborations require money. Of course many will, but most – as this example from LB Camden shows –  just require a bit of extra space, spare resource and / or a bit of time with a council officer who can share some local expertise.

As Rob blogged on here last week, 69% of people are interested in how things work in their local area. Any space then that helps turn this interest in to “radical change” is a positive for local government.