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Fit for the future


This blog provides information on LGIU’s new Future of Local Government Review – a survey designed to understand the sector’s needs moving forward – and highlights how you can take part.

LGIU believes that as the world recovers, we must take heed of the international lessons of Covid-19 and try to fix the cracks that have only deepened during the past few months to avoid returning to our pre-pandemic ways of operating.

Over the years, LGIU has amplified the voice of the sector through our commissions, surveys and reports and we want to continue to do so for our UK and international members as we look to a world post-pandemic, ensuring that local government has a say in its future. We want our work to respond directly to the issues and challenges that concern our members. In the past, we have responded to our members’ needs, examining key topics including homelessness, finance, levelling up and social care, along with much, much more.

In these difficult times, it’s more important than ever that we provide the unrivalled intelligence and support needed by officers and councillors across the globe to deliver sustainable public services and demonstrate the value of local government.

That is why we are launching The Future of Local Government Review, a survey designed to find out what’s important to those working across local government internationally. Whether you’re a councillor, officer or simply someone who is passionate about local government, we want to hear from you. We want to understand the challenges you are facing and how we can better support you.

The Review will pave the way for the unveiling of LGIU’s Local Democracy Commission, which will investigate the major issues facing local government around the world. The weakening of democracy, social care, misinformation, capacity and council funding are all looming crises (amongst others) to which there are no clear answers and we want to hear your thoughts about them.

The Commission will involve councillors, officers, academics and experts from LGIU’s membership across England, Scotland, Ireland and Australia and will take evidence from a wide range of experts and practitioners. It will be an opportunity to build networks and share ideas with local partners in other countries, and will also help drive the work of the newly-launched Local Democracy Research Centre.

By taking part in the Review, you’ll be helping us future-proof the sector, ensuring those working across local government are served with the best possible resources, tools and support in the years ahead. You’ll also gain insights from local governments throughout the world as we will be sharing a summary of the key results.

We are working with Membership Matters, an independent agency, on the survey to ensure results are independent and impartial. The survey will only take a few moments to complete – you can participate in the survey here, or share the link with others interested in helping to shape the future of local government.

Let’s move forward together. Make your voice heard today.


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