Filming hints and tips

We have compiled a concise list of tips and tricks for compiling your footage for the award montages.

  • Please turn the smartphone sideways to produce landscape format (not portrait).
  • Keep the camera/phone steady to avoid the camera swooping around during shots. It’s much better for us to have several steady shots which we will edit together.
  • When filming comments from people, make sure they get reasonably close so that we can hear them clearly, minimising background noise. Remember if you can’t hear it clearly when you play it back, neither can we! And position their heads at the top of the screen, not the middle. We don’t need to see much above their heads.
  • Be careful of filming in noisy or windy areas.
  • Watch it back before you send it to us – if you can’t see or hear it properly, then neither can we.
  • Make sure you leave (roughly) a second at the beginning, and a second at the end of each shot so that we have a ‘head’ and ‘tail’ when we edit the material together.
  • When filming comments from people, ask ‘open’ questions to minimise the chance of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers. We are looking for statements that make sense on their own.
  • It would be helpful to ask questions such as: Tell us about what this project means to you, Can you describe the effect this has had?, and, How would you say this has changed people’s lives – tell me about that.
  • Please send us the names and any job titles of people giving comments.
  • The easiest way to send the material is to use but if you usually use a different file transfer system that’s fine, just send us the link.

Please send these details to by 5pm on Friday, 29th October and let him know if you would prefer not to be included in the montage.