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Planning and Development Bill 2023

Given the scale of Ireland’s Planning and Development Bill 2023, the LGIU team will produce a series of ‘’bite-size’’ briefings examining the critical components of the Bill and reflecting on those as they will impact the role of local government. This briefing is the first in this series.


Australia’s declining home ownership – how could governments respond?

Recent research shows Australia is likely experiencing a structural decline in access to home ownership. In this briefing, Marcus Spiller reflects on these findings and the shifts in access to home ownership, what it means for those entering or aspiring to enter into home ownership, and the potential policy responses thereto.


Challenging behaviour in schools preventing the new pandemic?

The Educational Institute of Scotland, has warned Scottish Government that it needs to tackle violence in Scotland’s schools. This briefing looks at behaviours presenting in schools and underlying reasons for the apparent decline in standards of behaviour.

Scotland With case study

Vlog: What if local government were funded properly?

In this 10-minute video explainer, LGIU’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Carr-West and Dr Greg Stride from the Local Democracy Research Centre get together to discuss all things local government finance – including the big question around financial sustainability for the sector.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland

Public health 101: the FAQ

This explainer highlights the importance of UK public health services in tackling deep-seated health inequalities. In a Q&A style, it outlines the level of spending and pressures public health services have been under and how councils can manage and promote public health initiatives.

England & Wales
Members & Global Local

Tackling poverty in the travelling community

This backgrounder considers the barriers faced by the Travelling community and the role of local authorities in mitigating some of the worst disparities in the service provisions. Drawing upon a number of good practice case study examples while highlighting where changes can and should be made to ensure more equal treatment and improved outcomes.

England & Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland With case study

What is a Best Value Notice?

This week, the central government issued a ‘Best Value Notice’ for South Cambridgeshire District Council over its four-day week trial. This blog unpacks what a Best Value Notice is and what it means for a local authority.

England & Wales