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Workforce Issues in Adult Social Care

LGiU is working in partnership with social care provider Mears to deliver a series of roundtables as part of our Adult Social Care Thought Leader Series. This roundtable is the fifth event in the series and looks at workforce issues in adult social care. We will begin the roundtable hearing from two speakers: Lyn Romeo,…

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Engage Communities for Success

This workshop gives at an outline of an appreciation of community engagement strategies that organisations can use. Its core themes are the relationship between community engagement challenges along with supporting diversity, community partnership work and evaluating interventions.

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Welfare Reform Webinar: Council Tax Support – value for money findings from the NAO

Part of a series of webinars looking at different aspects of the welfare reform agenda. The National Audit Office is currently carrying out a value for money study on this reform. In this webinar, the NAO study team will present their findings on the transition to the new system, and the risks and challenges for…

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Roundtable – Improving Tenant Engagement

This roundtable will focus on the findings and proposals in our new report Strong Foundations – building better dialogue between tenants and landlords. Our research builds on a survey of 200 RSLs, local authorities and ALMOs, looking at the impact of long-term trends on their relationship with tenants. There was a consensus that landlords need to adapt to…

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Tackling Local Poverty: issues and practical strategies for councils

This seminar deals with the practical steps local authorities can take to ameliorate poverty in their local areas. It will look at fairness commissions, local living wage campaigns, support in welfare-to-work, and crisis interventions like food banks.

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LGiU Localism Webinar: Localism and the Localism Act – where are we now?

This webinar will look at the extent to which the aims of the Localism Act have been achieved and how far the changes have affected the role of councillors and what this will mean going forward. This online webinar is free to LGiU members (places are limited).

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Community Engagement in the Current Climate

In this changing and challenging environment the ability of elected members and officers to involve and empower communities is now more important than ever. This is a down to earth seminar that will prompt frank debate and identify key issues facing frontline councillors. It will give participants plenty of opportunity to explore different approaches to…

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