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Roundtable: Joined-up flooding strategies for a resilient future

This event is an LGiU Policy Network roundtable on the topic of flooding and resilience. We invite members and other key stakeholders to discuss the problems they face, share experiences, and come up with solutions to bring back to their everyday work. It's an opportunity to take a step back from everyday concerns, to look…

England & Wales

External event: World Towns Leadership Summit 2016

Join international town and urban leaders for a world first, taking place in Scotland in June 2016. The World Towns Leadership Summit will discuss the evolving nature of civic governance and the changing economic drivers for successful place-making.


Future of Town Centres

This seminar takes stock of policy for high streets and town centres and of the contribution to the ‘high street offer’ of elements like street markets, arts, and culture. Delegates are invited to engage with the speakers throughout the day, and there will be an opportunity to participate in an in-depth discussion in the afternoon…

England & Wales

Creating Healthy Places: a whole system approach to food and active living

The seminar will look at how to support populations to maintain a healthy weight while concurrently supporting local businesses and livelihoods, tackling social inequalities, and helping people to live longer, more productive and more independent lives. Particular attention will be given to identifying the benefits of working across service areas and combining effort with other…

England & Wales

LGiU Seminar: Devolution and Local Growth: Beyond Growth deals

This seminar takes stock of progress in devolution, with a particular emphasis on new powers or resources to stimulate local growth. But it also offers an opportunity to look beyond the current stage of institutional reshaping to consider what more could be achieved with fully empowered local leadership, and the implications for devolution for areas…

England & Wales

The Local Authority and the Sharing Economy: Sustainable Community Action

This seminar will focus on how local authorities might unleash the power of the sharing economy for their local communities and for collaboration between agencies. The Sharing Economy is a socio-economic ecosystem built around the sharing of human and physical resources. It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services…

England & Wales

External Event: Thinking of the future: Innovations and developments for social work practice

Thinking of the future: Innovations, & developments for social work practice: social media and digital technology for social work practice. We are delighted to announce this unique conference sponsored by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). We have an outstanding line up of presenters and workshops from across the UK, including social work managers, practitioners…


Funding Scotland’s local government

An informal Budget Day breakfast discussion led by Professor Ken Gibb, Policy Scotland/University of Glasgow, including options for council tax reform and for competitive tax reform between Scotland and the rest of the UK. Tea/coffee available from 8:30am, RSVP to


Scotland’s changing local government landscape in 2016

LGiU Scotland in partnership with Centre for Scottish Public Policy are hosting an informal networking lunch on Scotland’s changing local government landscape in 2016. Time: 12:30 for 1pm, Tuesday 8th December Location: City Arts Centre, Edinburgh (just by southern exit to Waverley station) Join us on for an informal discussion led by Professor Richard Kerley, Chair of…