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Managing casework

Achieve work-life balance that allows you to thrive in your role, particularly when it comes to managing your casework load.

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa

Project management

Set yourself up for success with practical tools like key questions to ask and a simple project framework to apply to the work currently in your docket.

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa

Persuasive presentation skills

A highly practical approach with gentle practice to build confidence in presenting information to groups in a range of contexts.

England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland


Improve how you chair online, hybrid and in-person meetings and learn easy-to-implement techniques to manage participation.

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

Community engagement

Dive into community engagement and relationship building in solving issues in this interactive session.

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa

The big three financial reports

Gain a detailed understanding of the financial planning and control process at their council.

England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland

Working with councillors

Learn new skills and reflect on your experiences in order to truly work in harmony and bring about meaningful change.  

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

Communicating in a crisis

This practical workshop will help you respond when a crisis strikes -- particularly through your council's communications team.

England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland

Speed reading

Learn fun ways to train your brain to remember lots of information and understand specific techniques to improve your ability to process and absorb written information using different reading techniques.

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland