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The Vision of Land Reform – 2022 and beyond

Join the Scottish Land Commission for our first land reform conference. We will be looking at the long term vision for land reform in Scotland from 2022 and beyond.


Scotland and Brexit: The Path Ahead with Willie Rennie MSP

The Edinburgh Europa Institute and the Scottish Centre on European Relations are pleased to invite you to their upcoming event where Scottish Liberal Democrats Leader Willie Rennie MSP will set out his perspective on Scotland’s future relationship with the EU.


Policy Café Brighton : Growing strong local links

The future of devolution is increasingly under question, with the Government’s Industrial Strategy seemingly now taking priority, along with the UK’s exit from the EU. With these shifting priorities in mind, and if formal powers are not forthcoming, how can the Government work with localities to deliver a place-based Industrial Strategy that ensures Brighton &…

England & Wales

Democracy in action? The Place of Referendums in Scotland and the UK

The use of referendums raises multiple questions. What should the role of referendums be in the UK’s representative democracy? Following from IndyRef and Brexit, what are the democratic lessons on the organisation and use of referendums to make key decisions in society?


The Tools for Making Successful Places

Place is the focus of so many conversations and the impacts of creating successful ones is well versed. But how do we start to make it happen? This Planning Skills event features West Dunbartonshire’s approach to do just that. Join us as they embark on expanding the traditional role of an urban design panel into…


Adult Social Care Roadshows

On 31st March 2017, Social Work Scotland held a national event to ask ‘What is Adult Social Care?’ The answer came back ‘vital to society and hugely undervalued’. To respond to this challenge, Social Work relaunched its Adult Social Care Committee to build on the momentum and vision that emerged from the event. The Adult…


Digital Preservation for Scottish Local Authorities

This National Records of Scotland event will launch the new digital preservation tools developed for Scottish local authorities, the product of a 12 month project and are designed to assist local authority archivists and record managers get started with digital preservation.


LGiU Scotland, NHS Health Scotland and ScotPHN: How Health and Housing Connect

Housing conditions have a massive impact on people’s health and wellbeing. Physical characteristics of the dwelling itself, household experience, and aspects of place and community can all impact directly on health, as well as indirectly on health determinants, such as financial circumstances, education and employment, relationships and social life. Housing also has the potential to…