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Does Local Government Work For Women? Women in Leadership evidence session (Cardiff)

When only 17% of council leaders in England and 9% in Wales are women, the Local Government Commission asks: does local government work for women? This is the sixth in our evidence session series and will explore women’s representation in the most senior roles, profile and celebrate women in leadership.

England & Wales

Digital and Data Roundtable: Glasgow

The LGiU and Vodafone are hosting a high level roundtable event with Lorraine McMillan, Chief Executive of East Renfrewshire Council, to discuss digital local government, connectivity and local growth in Scotland. The roundtable will bring together council officers, politicians and senior business leaders to discuss the future plans for digital transformation across the country. Data…

England & Wales

Network on the Future of Local Democracy – Meeting 2: Finance

How can local government make the most of the current situation and build a collective case for meaningful change in how England is governed? LGiU is working with the James Madison Charitable Trust to establish a high level Network made up of local government leaders and chief executives to answer some of the biggest questions…

England & Wales

Webinar: Professional & Community Development through Intentional Networks

Description: In this webinar we are going to look at ‘Intentional Networks’ and how they can be created online to achieve an agreed outcome, and particularly in this webinar a learning outcome.   This is particularly pertinent for those in local government, community and health professions where the exchange of information is vital.  It is…

England & Wales

External event: Circular Economy: Managing Resources Responsibly

Scotland aspires to being a Circular Economy Nation – what does this mean for our economy, our civil society and citizens? How can we contribute? What impact might this approach have in reducing carbon emissions? What initiatives are leading the way?


Women’s representation in local government – Council Officers – Rising to the Top

When only 33% of councillors and 25% of local government chief executives are women, the Local Government Commission asks: does local government work for women? This is the fifth in our evidence session series. This meeting will examine how the changing shape of local government is affecting women's progression to and experience of senior roles.

England & Wales