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Scottish Government Online Identity Assurance Programme – National Stakeholder Group

The Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy contains the commitment to work with stakeholders, privacy interests and members of the public to develop a robust, secure and trustworthy mechanism by which an individual member of the public can demonstrate their identity online to access public sector digital services. To help develop this work, the Scottish Government Online…


EM Workshop – Public Health – Falkirk

The Improvement Service is offering a series of free workshops to support locally elected members to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge. Local government, and public services in Scotland, are facing challenges that will require the utmost skill and dedication from elected members to successfully navigate. These workshops will support elected members to develop…


Tackling Poverty in Rural Communities: What can we learn from Dumfries and Galloway

Evidence shows the key driver of acute food insecurity in Scotland is income crisis rather than a lack of food. Until we tackle the underlying causes of income crises, the need for emergency food aid in Scotland is likely to continue to grow. Everyone involved and interested in the response to food insecurity and income…


Hope: facing an overheated climate

We are fortunate Kevin Anderson - one of the UK's foremost researchers and commentators on the impending Climate Disruption - will address MSPs at Holyrood on the afternoon of 30 October and has agreed to speak that evening about the narrowing policy options open to us in Scotland. 


Developing our Economic Forecast: Demographic Change

The Scottish Fiscal Commission will publish its next economic forecasts for Scotland alongside the upcoming Scottish Budget. In its previous forecasts, the Commission described a subdued economic outlook, and in particular focused on slow growth in wages over the last several years. We will talk about how we think wage growth is changing, the demographic…


Closer Connections: Community Planning and Spatial Planning

Local Outcome Improvement Plans, Locality Plans, Local Development Plans and Local Place Plans – how do we link them all up? Both the Community Empowerment Act and the recent Planning Bill focus on empowering communities to have more influence. Both also establish and promote the contribution of closer links between Community Planning and spatial planning…


Poverty Participation and Power: Democracy Matters!

The ability to take part in decision-making processes that have an impact on your life is central to a democratic society. However, for too many people living on low incomes or in communities affected by poverty, they have little opportunity to affect the decisions that impact on their lives. The Scottish Government is carrying out…


#PBFest18: Tales of PB – Past, Present and Future (Dundee)

These workshops, facilitated by PB Partners, will offer an informal, relaxed opportunity to share your experiences of, and enthusiasm for PB, as part of the 2018 Scotland PB Festival. Also a chance to imagine how PB in Scotland might look a few years down the line!


#PBFest18: How can PB better support equality groups in Scotland?

You’re invited you to this workshop on Thursday 25 October, as part of the PB Festival, focused on equalities. With our partners; Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA) and West of Scotland Regional Equality Council (WSREC), we will discuss how PB is progressing to include those most at risk of being marginalised in society…