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John Smith Centre Conference: How Women Can Stand and Succeed

The representation of women in British politics has gradually improved in recent decades. But even in better-performing arenas like the Scottish Parliament, it remains the case that far fewer than half of representatives are women. Progress is also uneven at different levels of government, with even greater under-representation of women in local politics. When women…


Saturday Series 2019: Tackling Global Poverty

This ‘in conversation’ style event will see Douglas Alexander, former politician and now Chair of UNICEF UK, discuss tackling global poverty and understanding the future of international politics in uncertain climates.


Creating Impactful Public Engagement

Interested in public engagement but unsure how to maximise the impact of your efforts? This workshop introduces a flexible approach to planning engagement activities with focus on the outcomes. What are you hoping participants (i.e. community groups, policymakers, researchers, etc) get out of the interaction, and what activities are most likely to make these outcomes…


Big data or Big Brother: data, democracy and active citizenship

This seminar offers a chance to critically discuss and debate the relationship between Big Data and active citizenship. In an age of austerity, data abundance suggests one approach to improving urban life and generating economic growth. However, active citizens need to think critically and creatively about what kinds of expertise are authorised by the data…


Tackling Loneliness and Social Isolation – Creative Workshop

· A diverse group of people including local residents, colleagues working in health and social care, young people, and people with an interest in art and design come together to participate in our Fire Starter 2019 event. · The group learns about social isolation and loneliness as a growing phenomenon in Orkney. · Everyone contributes…


Health and Social Care integration – where next? Audit Scotland review

The recent Audit Scotland review of Health and Social Care Integration recognised many of the challenges familiar to stakeholders and partners who engage with the new Health and Social Care Partnerships. “Health and Social Care Integration – An Update on Progress” raises significant concerns about the lack of progress in relation to partnership and collaborative…


Interdisciplinary Learning: Creative Thinking for a Complex World

Interdisciplinary learning (IDL) helps people to solve problems and tackle challenges that are beyond the scope of any single subject. It is an indispensable part of education for life in the 21st Century. The main issues and challenges of the present day are interdisciplinary. Examples are everywhere, from climate change and pandemics to business and…


The Economics of Arrival: ideas for a grown up economy

If the only way is up, how do we know when the economy has reached its destination? What does it mean for an economy to Arrive? Instead of pursuing endless growth at all costs, it’s time for governments and other decision makers to prioritise shared wellbeing on a healthy planet. In their new book “The…