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International Women’s Day 2019: Welcoming Women into Public Life

Angus Council has 6 women councillors out of 28. That’s a mere 21%, when women are 51% of the population. For International Women’s Day 2019, we have all come together to throw open the doors of the Town and County Hall to any woman wishing to find out more about how local democracy works, what…


Highlands & Islands Ecosystem for rural mental health and active healthy ageing

Healthy Ageing Challenge Overview: the £98 million ‘healthy ageing programme’ will drive the development of new products and services which will help people to live in their homes for longer, tackle loneliness and isolation, and increase independence, self-management and wellbeing. Hear about the programme and how to get involved. Registration from 10.30. Online access will be…


Property and Scheme of Assistance Local Authority Officer’s Forum

This is a practice exchange / discussion forum for local authority officers who manage all aspects of private sector housing and in particular the scheme of assistance within their local authority area. The meeting is normally addressed by Scottish Government representatives who inform of any changes, or proposals to change, to the system and who…


Should We Stay or Should We Go? A Tale of Five Referendums

Join Dr Coree Brown Swan to explore how referendums have shaped and continue to shape politics in Scotland and the UK. This interactive workshop will take participants on a journey through public votes on Europe, devolution and independence, engaging campaign posters and other visual materials available from the Scottish Political Archive. This workshop will present…


John Smith Centre Conference: How Women Can Stand and Succeed

The representation of women in British politics has gradually improved in recent decades. But even in better-performing arenas like the Scottish Parliament, it remains the case that far fewer than half of representatives are women. Progress is also uneven at different levels of government, with even greater under-representation of women in local politics. When women…


Saturday Series 2019: Tackling Global Poverty

This ‘in conversation’ style event will see Douglas Alexander, former politician and now Chair of UNICEF UK, discuss tackling global poverty and understanding the future of international politics in uncertain climates.


Creating Impactful Public Engagement

Interested in public engagement but unsure how to maximise the impact of your efforts? This workshop introduces a flexible approach to planning engagement activities with focus on the outcomes. What are you hoping participants (i.e. community groups, policymakers, researchers, etc) get out of the interaction, and what activities are most likely to make these outcomes…


Big data or Big Brother: data, democracy and active citizenship

This seminar offers a chance to critically discuss and debate the relationship between Big Data and active citizenship. In an age of austerity, data abundance suggests one approach to improving urban life and generating economic growth. However, active citizens need to think critically and creatively about what kinds of expertise are authorised by the data…