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The Adaptations Forum

This is a forum for local authority officers who manage their local authorities scheme of assistance in relation to people with disabilities. The meeting will normally hear from Scottish Government officials on the latest policy or other issues. In addition there will be one or two other speakers who will present information relevent to the…


Invisible People in 2019- Global Homelessness Series

Homelessness is a global problem that affects around 100 million citizens worldwide. Invisible People in 2019 is a public conference that brings together entrepreneurs, social workers, policy makers from two opposite sides of the globe – Scotland and Los Angeles, United States – to share their experiences with everyone interested in finding out more on…


Midlothian’s Nudges – Making a Difference – Behavioural Insights Exploration

Behavioural insights involves using nudges to change behaviour which can improve outcomes and reduce financial spend. In this video, Tim Pearse, Head of Local Government at the Behavioural Insights Team, explains what behavioural insights is in the context of our work in councils and how different techniques can help influence people’s behaviour in order to…


Digitising the Public Sector – Efficiency through Technology

Denmark is world leader in digitising the public sector and ranked first in UN’s E-Government Development Index. Visionary policy decisions has led to that development, but a digital public sector is more than a channel shift and to achieve real efficiency, you need to reconfigure the workflows in the public sector by intelligent use of…


Let’s Talk Housing: Airbnb & Rent Control

We explore solutions for safe, decent and affordable housing that meets the needs of communities and a fairer society. Register your place! About this event Our guest speaker, MSP Andy Wightman, wants local councils to have powers to protect the availability of residential accommodation for local citizens. MSP Andy Wightman said, “The uncontrolled and rapid…


Smart Partnerships: Purpose-led Smart Services for Young People (North)

Seminars, brought to you by Young Scot and COSLA, for Local Authority senior officers and elected members to learn, share and discuss the ways that Young Scot and the shared smart service of the Young Scot National Entitlement Card can support local objectives. For over thirty five years, Young Scot have been creating opportunities for…


Launch of Scotland Adapts: A Capability Framework for a Climate Ready Public Sector

‘Scotland Adapts: A Capability Framework for a Climate Ready Public Sector’, Adaptation Scotland’s new guidance for the public sector, will be launched on Tuesday 21 May.   This new resource has been developed in collaboration with a wide range of organisations to respond to the experience and needs of the public sector in Scotland. A launch…


Scottish Government’s Open Contracting consultation with civil society

Consultation with civil society on how best to make published procurement information useful and accessible to a wide audience Get Involved – Scotland’s Open Contracting commitment to consultation with society. The Scottish Government and Open Government Network are inviting you to join us on Friday the 21st May for an informal discussion on how best…


The Scottish approach to public service reform: lessons from What Works Scotland

What Works Scotland (WWS) was set up to inform public service reform in Scotland guided by the 2011 Christie Commission. In this session, WWS will share and discuss key learning from the programme, offering an overview of findings from eight areas of research and practice: Leadership Prevention Evidence Place Participation Partnership Governance Workforce There will…


SNH Capacity Building Training: Planning related staff in SW Scotland

Scottish Natural Heritage Capacity Building Training – Planning related staff in Southwest Scotland This training is to develop the capacity & knowledge base of local authority staff around the topic areas of: – Protected Species , when surveys needed, relevant legislation – Planning Applications , relevant issues when designated sites might be affected (including when to consult) – HRA’s , Assessment…