in-house training: personal safety series

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In today’s world, public service comes with a unique set of security considerations. As elected members and staff, your dedication to serving your community makes you invaluable, but it can also place you in situations that require heightened awareness. LGIU’s personal safety training programmes are designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate potential risks, both online and offline, so you can continue your important work with confidence.

LGIU’s personal safety training covers:

  • Personal safety
  • Managing conflict
  • Beyond conflict resolution
  • Online Safety.

LGIU can also design and deliver fully bespoke in-house training to cater for your councillors and staff-specific needs.

Below are outlines for each of the personal safety series for in-house training.

Personal safety training

This programme has been specially written for Councillors who want to review and improve their personal safety. Based on sensible tips and techniques the session will enable participants to:

  • Review current personal safety arrangements
  • Implement sensible safety procedures based on advice from the Police and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust
  • Principles of Personal Safety
  • Mobile Telephones and Technology
  • Canvassing
  • Home visits
  • Surgeries
  • Safety Hot Spots.

Managing conflict training

The ability to manage conflict is an important skill for Councillors and this session will provide delegates with some ideas on how to defuse challenging situations.

Key outcomes:

  • Identify some of the key underpinning motivators of behaviour
  • Recognise early warning signs
  • Avoid accelerating situations
  • Use de-escalation techniques
  • Stand their ground graceful
  • Find win/win solutions.

Each participant will receive a comprehensive handout.

Beyond conflict resolution training

An enlightening session that will equip delegates with the knowledge to successfully escape from high-risk situations when all other means of conflict resolution have failed. Facilitators of this event are drawn from an experienced team of criminal justice sector & LLB(Hons) practitioners.

Lively video demonstrations coupled with active discussion will address key anxieties providing a comprehensive and practical skill set.

Key outcomes:

  • Street safety
  • Avoidance techniques
  • Disengaging from grabs to the clothing, arms and hands
  • Escaping from grabs to the throat
  • Successfully fleeing blindsided attacks
  • Knife attacks.

Handling online abuse and threats: being safe online training

To provide Councillors with the knowledge and skills to manage abuse and threats and to ensure they transact safely online.

Key outcomes:

  • Describe some of the issues members face in the digital world
  • Explain the legislation which governs digital contributions
  • Identify the steps to take to manage trolls and online abusers
  • Explain actions to take in response to threats
  • Identify the responsibilities associated with being a digital citizen.

The session will feature several case studies which emerged from a recent survey the LGA undertook linked to research by a BBC reporter on personal safety for members.

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