In-house training for local government


For nearly 40 years, LGIU has been responding to the training needs of local government. We recently transitioned our seminars and courses online and our range of topics and attendance continues to grow.

Very often, local authorities come to us because they need bespoke, in-house training for a number of their councillors or officers. These sessions are even more effective as they get to the heart of the needs of each individual organisation and equip attendees in practical, applicable ways.

Get in touch to discuss any aspect of our in-house training and how we can meet your requirements. Contact the LGIU’s Training Coordinator: Barry O’Brien: [email protected] or +44 7748 116357.


LGIU has an extensive in-house training curriculum. Our most popular sessions are listed below. You can mix and match all of the elements and modules from the menu below.  They can then be further tailored to your council’s specific needs.

Training for new councillors

We offer a number of training options that are suitable for helping newly elected members settle into their role and get to grips with the workload, including:

  • An introduction to overview and scrutiny
  • Time management
  • Speed reading and memory skills
  • Chairing in-person, online and hybrid
  • Mentoring skills
  • Managing casework
  • Understanding GDPR as a councillor
  • Working effectively with officers and partners
  • Making a difference as a new councillor

We also provide training for officers who engage with elected members:

  • Designing training for elected members
  • Developing political awareness

Skills for effective councillors

This programme has been developed for councillors who want to develop advanced interpersonal skills to help them achieve more positive outcomes when working with people. Each module can be delivered separately or combined into a complete learning programme.

  • Advanced communication skills
  • The persuasive councillor
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Leadership of place – community engagement

We can also work with you to provide a tailored package of training for new councillors after an election.

Personal development

Our extensive selection of courses can be combined as you need to assist with skills development for councillors as well as officers. These include:

  • Chairing skills for virtual meetings
  • Advanced chairing: managing participation at meetings
  • Participating in virtual meetings
  • Report writing
  • Minuting virtual meetings
  • Memory skills and mind mapping
  • Speed reading and retention
  • Time management
  • Supporting committee chairs
  • Reviewing committee reports
  • Psychometric testing
  • Carrying out Investigations

Local government finance

Our finance training is designed to provide councillors with a thorough grounding in the key elements of local government finance and funding. We break it down into four modules which can be booked individually or as a complete programme and can be tailored to reflect your council’s circumstances.

  • Local government finance basics
  • Understanding your council’s annual financial statements
  • Understanding your council’s MTFS, annual budget and budget monitoring reports
  • Financial planning and budgeting

Organisational and manager development

Local authorities evolve and change in terms of structure, culture and services and the pandemic has had an impact on the speed and direction of this change. Managers also need to be able to develop their skills in light of the changes organizationally. Our courses include:

  • Beyond the pandemic – a new type of culture for a new type of authority
  • Developing a commercially aware organisational culture

Management development:

  • Managing home working: achieving the balance between wellbeing and performance
  • Recruiting effectively online
  • Practical project management
  • Presenting with impact online
  • Management fundamentals
  • Understanding strategic thinking.

Personal safety and wellbeing

Learning in this area includes:

  • Personal safety for councillors
  • Managing conflict
  • Beyond conflict resolution
  • An introduction to transactional analysis
  • An introduction to mental health
  • Positive thinking
  • Developing personal assertiveness
  • Building confidence
  • Setting and maintaining professional boundaries
  • Developing political awareness and sensitivity: the key to working effectively with members
  • Working effectively with officers (for elected members)

Overview and scrutiny

Overview and scrutiny is an important part of a councillor’s role but to do it effectively takes skill and procedural knowledge. Our training includes:

  • An introduction to overview and scrutiny
  • Effective scrutiny
  • Questioning skills for scrutiny


LGIU provides workshops relevant for senior managers and officers who want to develop their inclusive leadership practice and/or work in the area of equalities, as well as elected members who want to re-examine equality and diversity policies within their local authority and their leadership role within and outside the council.

  • Equality and inclusive leadership in local government
  • Disability equality training
  • Equality and diversity training


Social media

Social media has an ever increasing presence in our lives and is a vital channel for communication with our communities. Our training includes:

  • Introduction to using social media effectively
  • Planning and managing social media
  • Using images and video effectively

Our trainers

All our trainers – LGIU staff and associates – bring a wealth of local government experience to the table. They are here to  develop and deliver a training programme for your council that achieves real impact and provides capacity building across your teams.

Dave Burn

Dave Burn is an independent consultant with over 35 years of local government experience, specialising in governance, member development, mentoring and member/officer relations and works with a variety of authorities and public bodies.

Keith Crampton

Keith Crampton is an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator specialising in Local Government but with experience in private sector organisations as well as charities. He brings an enthusiastic and engaging approach coupled with a focus on achieving real, actionable improvements.

Rachel Eden

Cllr Rachel Eden has been an elected member of a Unitary Authority since 2010, having served in a range of roles including the opposition, cabinet member, committee chair and is currently the Mayor.

Duncan Enright

Cllr Duncan Enright is an opposition leader in a District Council and former mayor of his home town. With over 35 years in the publishing industry, he has experience in governance issues and management in several sectors.

Ian Fifield

Ian Fifield, Ian is a CIPFA qualified accountant with over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering financial management training for local authorities and other public service organisations.

Liz Green

Cllr Liz Green has been a London borough councillor for nearly 20 years and works as a trainer, coach and mentor for elected members. She has held numerous council positions in both administration and opposition, including Council Leader, leader of the opposition, and environment lead member.

Ian Kirke

Cllr Ian Kirke LLB (Hons) is a former senior police officer, academic and elected member of Bracknell Forest Council. He is keen to engage with current and ex-offenders to better understand the best ways of eliminating bulk and violent crime within the workplace.

Nigel Long

Cllr Nigel Long has been disabled since the age of 17 and has been a councillor since 1987 and has served as leader of the council for a large unitary authority and cabinet member for social care, housing and finance.

Malcolm Powers

Malcolm Powers is a former councillor and cabinet member in a Unitary Authority. He has over fifteen years experience delivering training to local government members and community campaigners. He specialises in communications at all levels and stakeholder engagement.

Miranda Smythe

Miranda Smythe has 30 years of experience helping organisations (mainly local governments) identify learning gaps and develop tailored, creative strategies to address their goals. Miranda is also involved in local community development activities and provides mental health awareness sessions for many not-for-profit organisations.

Munira Thobani

Munira Thobani has worked in senior roles on leading and managing change in a number of London local authorities. Her expertise is in equalities, social care, governance, partnership and collaborative working, policy and strategy development, performance management and community engagement.


In recent years, we have delivered all of our in-house sessions online and this will continue for the foreseeable future. We have given a lot of thought to the adaptation of our traditional training for the online environment and this is reflected in the positive feedback we have received from delegates attending recent trainings.

We can supply tailored courses for one local authority or a small number of neighbouring councils in one go. Our training means you can provide your members and officers with cost-effective, bespoke solutions for building skills, knowledge and personal effectiveness. And, LGIU member organisations enjoy a discount, too.

What others are saying about LGIU training

I learnt a great deal during the session and feel much more confident to apply the new skills I’ve acquired. Thank you for running such an insightful and interactive training. I really enjoyed the time and will be recommending it to my colleagues.

– Shireena, Waltham Forest

I felt that the session was very informative, with lots of interesting tips on how to conduct interviews in order to get the necessary information required.”

– Oliver, Tamworth

The lesson was extremely clear and was packed with good tips around scrutiny. I especially liked the group work — the whole session was interactive and it was helpful to be able to ask questions.”

– Keith, West Northamptonshire

Thanks for a fantastic session on finance! We had an excellent trainer — they broke a dry subject down very effectively and I would be interested in even more trainings on finance in the future.”

– Alastair, Cardiff

“LGIU helped us to design a bespoke programme of custom sessions that were impactful on both a work and personal level. The trainers were really engaging, which really helped our Councillors take a lot from the sessions. Elected members received the training extremely well as the content was specifically tailored to their roles and responsibilities. The flexibility in training times also allowed us to hold sessions when more of our team could join.”

– Shannon, Dublin City Council

Our trainer was friendly, warm, and professional – well done! The session was informative and would be a useful revision tool for Members to refer back to.

– Weronika, Rochford District Council

LGIU's in-house training coordinator

Barry O’Brien has been coordinating LGIU’s extensive range of in-house training for officers and elected members across local government since 2001. He supports our sustainability brief across the LGIU group and administers the Local Government Flood Forum and FloodCitiSense, an EU-funded project.