Cllr Awards: Global Local Cllr Showcase

Award Guidelines

The LGIU’s Cllr Awards have been celebrating councillors in the UK for well over a decade now. This year, we are delighted to once again also be showcasing the amazing work of locally elected officials and councillor colleagues from outside the UK as well. The Global Local Cllr Showcase celebrates councillors from around the world whose projects, engagement and representation have had significant impact on the communities that they serve.

Global Local Cllr

Submissions for the Global Local Cllr showcase should highlight:

  • a cause (or several) that they have championed on behalf of the community using council mechanisms or structures, leading to positive change for the local area;
  • visible efforts to engage communities and individuals in decisions about their local area, leading to better decisions for local people;
  • an understanding of the different views of communities within their area and that they effectively facilitate discussion and representation of these views to the council;
  • strong relationships with community activists and community groups that have led to tangible positive changes.

Submissions should:

  • focus on how the councillor has used council structures to bring about a positive change in the community;
  • provide clear examples of work or projects they have carried out in their role as a councillor.

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Last year's showcase...

2022 Cllr Showcase

The 2022 Global Local Cllr Showcase featured three inspiring and dedicated councillors from the USA, New Zealand and Ireland.

Cllr Gillian Coughlan

Cllr Gillian Coughlan, of Cork County Council talks to LGIU.

Feeling Inspired?

At the LGIU we believe that local government is at its best when it is connected to inspiring and innovative ideas from around the world. We are constantly amazed at the creativity and dedication of councillors everywhere and are proud to be able to share those stories with our members and the wider local government sector.

Thanks to our founding partners, CCLA

This year’s Awards are only possible thanks to the generous support of our founding partners CCLA.

CCLA is a leading specialist fund manager for local authorities and charities. When they began sponsoring the Cllr Awards they had 22 local authority client accounts. Today they have over 700 and this number is growing every month. CCLA are owned by their clients – their mission is to serve the whole sector, regardless of size. | [email protected]