Cllr Awards: Community Champion

Award Guidelines

Community involvement is essential to ensuring that the council takes the right decisions for its citizens. The community champion of the year will have worked tirelessly to use their position within the council to bring residents’ voices into council decision-making, support their projects and ideas, and bridge diverse opinions within the community.

Community Champion

The Community Champion Award is our most popular category.

The councillor who wins this award will demonstrate:

  • they have championed a cause (or several) on behalf of the community using council mechanisms or structures, leading to positive change for the local area;
  • visible efforts to engage communities and individuals in decisions about their local area, leading to better decisions for local people;
  • an understanding of the different views of communities within their area and that they effectively facilitate discussion and representation of these views to the council;
  • strong relationships with community activists and community groups that have led to tangible positive changes.

Successful submissions should:

  • focus on how the councillor has used council structures to bring about a positive change in the community;
  • provide clear examples of work or projects they have carried out in their role as a councillor.

Watch the stories of recent winners...

Cllr Jabba Riaz

Cllr Riaz of Worcester City Council was our winner in 2022 because of the outstanding level of thought, care and compassion he has demonstrated to his role. The judges were impressed with the emphasis on unity and inclusion that he brought.

Cllr David Macdonald

Cllr Macdonald of East Renfrewshire Council was selected as the 2022 Community Champion for his devotion to the community he represents.


Cllr Kevin Etheridge

Cllr Etheridge of Caerphilly County Borough Council was our 2021 winner for his outstanding levels of commitment and drive in spearheading successful community campaigns.

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More stories from past winners...

Bailie Jacqueline McLaren

Bailie McLaren of Glasgow City Council won the Community Champion Award in 2021 for her extensive partnership working with community groups and for her instrumental role in securing Regeneration Capital Grant funding for a new community facility.

Cllr Saima Ashraf

Cllr Ashraf of London Borough of Barking and Dagenham was awarded Community Champion in 2020. As well as holding the portfolio for Community Leadership & Engagement, she was also the Deputy Leader of the Council at the time.

Cllr Stephen Burns

Cllr Burns of Renfrewshire Council was the joint Scotland Community Champion in 2020.

Cllr Glen Reid

Cllr Reid of Aberdeenshire Council was the joint Scotland Community Champion in 2020.

Cllr Lynne Short

Cllr Short of Dundee City Council was the Scotland City Community Champion in 2020.

Thanks to our founding partners, CCLA

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