Cllr Awards 2023: The Shortlist

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The winners in England & Wales will be announced at the Guildhall in London, England at 7 pm on 16 November 2023. The winners in Scotland will be announced at the City Chambers in Edinburgh, Scotland at 7 pm on 21 November 2023.

Community Champion

Cllr Tanweer Khan

London Borough of Redbridge
Cllr Khan is a highly responsive and active councillor who tirelessly works to address residents’ problems and is involved in various community groups, charities, and local projects.

Cllr Nathalie Nicholas

Liverpool City Council
Cllr Nicholas is dedicated to her community and ward, working hard to listen to and address residents’ concerns with empathy and support.

Cllr Hannah Perkin

Swale Borough Council
Cllr Perkin is committed to her community, is involved in local projects and charities, and represents her residents’ voices in the council.

Cllr Safiya Saeed

Sheffield City Council
Cllr Saeed’s passion for improving the lives of all residents in her city has helped transform how the communities she represents engage with local government.

Cllr Jenny Wallace

Gravesham Borough Council
Cllr Wallace’s drive to help some of the most vulnerable has been instrumental in transforming the rough sleeping service in the borough.

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Community champions elevate residents’ voices, engage their constituents, and show leadership that creates positive impacts in the lives of others.

Leader of the Year

Cllr Jas Athwal

London Borough of Redbridge
Cllr Athwal is renowned for being approachable and responsive to residents’ issues and ensuring that the voices of all communities in Redbridge are heard across the council.

Cllr Spencer Flower

Dorset Council
Cllr Flower has taken a cross-party and inclusive approach to running Dorset Council. Under his leadership, the council has made considerable savings, which have been reinvested in frontline services.

Cllr Tim Oliver

Surrey County Council
As leader of Surrey County Council Cllr Oliver has headed up transformational changes which have brought the Council back to financial stability and had significant positive impact for residents.

Cllr Simon Tagg

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
Cllr Tagg’s effective and significant leadership of the council in addressing the issues caused by a landfill site near numerous homes was widely recognized, along with his dedication to engaging with and representing all the affected communities.

Cllr Linda Taylor

Cornwall Council
Councillor Taylor’s leadership has been described as inspiring due to her efforts in improving the lives of everyone in Cornwall, which includes better support for care leavers and bringing new industries and employment opportunities to the county.

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Leaders of the Year guide their communities with service and heart — these councillors are truly impacting the lives of their constituents.

Lifetime Legend

Cllr Jill Anderson

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council
Throughout her long service as a councillor, Cllr Anderson has been dedicated to meeting the needs of residents and involved in numerous local charities and schools.

Cllr John Crockford-Hawley

North Somerset Council
Cllr Crockford-Hawley has dedicated 50 years as a councillor, making a lasting difference to the community with his commitment and tireless work, particularly around heritage and Weston’s museum.


Cllr Neil Nerva

London Borough of Brent
Cllr Nerva is an active and dedicated councillor who has worked tirelessly to secure funding and engage local communities for the Kensal corridor project.

Cllr Garry Perry

Walsall Council
Cllr Perry was elected in 1998 and introduced an innovative partnership model with communities and statutory services to support Walsall through Covid and beyond, with a focus on building safer, stronger, greener, and more resilient communities.

Lord Gary Porter CBE

Formerly South Holland District Council
Lord Porter’s 20-year leadership in South Holland brought about significant economic growth and opportunity for residents and he has also made a lasting contribution to the wider local government sector.

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Lifetime Legends have dedicated their lives to their communities.

Young Councillor of the Year

Cllr Chris Burden

City of Wolverhampton Council
Cllr Burden is the youngest person to hold a cabinet position in Wolverhampton, the first openly LGBTQ+ cabinet member in the City, and has made outstanding contributions as the Cabinet Member for Children, Young People, and Education.

Cllr Saqlain Choudry

London Borough of Brent
Councillor Choudry supports residents, leading initiatives to tackle food poverty, empowering young people, championing diverse communities, and lobbying for change.

Cllr Harry Doyle

Liverpool City Council
Cllr Doyle is a dedicated councillor who has led cultural projects, engaged communities and supported his community during difficult times.


Cllr Chandni Mistry

Brighton and Hove City Council
Cllr Mistry’s linguistic proficiency, dedication to community betterment, and unwavering commitment to grassroots engagement exemplify the spirit of public service.

Cllr Jess Moultrie

Cardiff Council
Cllr Moultrie is known for going the extra mile to help residents. She actively campaigns on issues related to period poverty and menopause, and she is passionate about encouraging more young women to stand for election.

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Young Councillors of the Year are making vital impacts in their communities.

Resilience Champion

Cllr Daalat Ali

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Cllr Ali has played a key role in improving the lives of Rochdale’s citizens through his leadership in implementing policies related to social and economic inclusion, housing, and employment opportunities.

Cllr Danny Barnes

Devon County Council
Cllr Danny Barnes is a dedicated and inclusive leader who has spearheaded ambitious and challenging improvements in active travel to decarbonize transport in Exeter, demonstrating value to the local area and making Exeter a better place as a result.

Cllr Graham McAndrew

East Hertfordshire District Council
Cllr McAndrew is a passionate advocate for sustainability and the environment, with a focus on combating climate change through clean air, cycling, EV infrastructure, and green spaces, and has been a councillor for 23 years, holding various portfolios and committee chairmanships, including organising the East of England Net Zero Conference.



Cllr Peggy Mullock

Shropshire Council
Cllr Mullock shows outstanding passion and commitment to supporting children and vulnerable young people in her community, demonstrated through her roles as a councillor, school governor, and chair of the People Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Cllr Connie Nolan

Canterbury City Council
Cllr Nolan assisted the displaced Ukrainian people and their hosts to settle well into Canterbury, and is highly regarded by both the Canterbury and Ukrainian communities due to her friendly nature and dedication to engaging with individuals and groups despite language barriers and her busy schedule.


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Resilience Champions are building stronger, healthier, and more resilient communities in turbulent times.

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