Cllr Awards 2023: Stories from the winners

Leaving a legacy: The challenges and rewards of leading Dundee City Council

Cllr John Alexander, Dundee City Council

Scotland Leader of the Year

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Changing the world around her and dedication to supporting refugees

Cllr Connie Nolan, Canterbury City Council

England & Wales Resilience Champion

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Resilient communities make resilient champions

Cllr Heather Woodbridge, Orkney Islands Council

Scotland Resilience Champion

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In conversation with Cllr Ruairi Kelly

Cllr Ruairi Kelly, Glasgow City Council

Scotland Community Champion

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From food market to community cohesion: Saqlain Choudry’s inspiring work in local politics

Cllr Saqlain Choudry, London Borough of Brent

England & Wales Young Councillor of the Year

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Tim Oliver's vision for Surrey: A focus on partnership and prevention

Cllr Tim Oliver, Surrey County Council

England & Wales Leader of the Year

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