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Women’s representation in local government – getting there


The Fawcett Society and the LGIU are delighted to invite you to:

Women’s representation in local government – getting there


This is the second in the Women in Local Government Commission meeting series. The Commission asks: does local government work for women? The meeting will explore the current landscape of women’s representation in local government at councillor level and ask:

  • What is the pool of talent from which women are selected?
  • What are women’s experiences of being selected, standing and winning?
  • Why do women stand?
  • Who stands, and who wins? What evidence do we have about the experiences and participation of BAME women, women with caring responsibilities and other underrepresented groups?
  • What are the barriers to equal representation at the local level and where has good practice improved diversity? What will it take to achieve 50:50 representation of councillors?

The meeting will be chaired by Commission co-chair Cllr Gillian Keegan of Women2Win. Attendees will hear evidence and be invited to take part in discussions concerning these key questions.

Evidence and discussions from this meeting will feed into the Commission’s final report. To find out more about the Commission please click here.

We are also currently running an open consultation as part of the Commission. Please fill in the survey yourself and do pass round to relevant contacts.

Places are limited so please RSVP to [email protected]

Please note that although this event is taking part during the Conservative Party Conference, it is outside the secure zone and is open to members of all parties.

Who should attend?
Councillors, local authority officers, local government academics, and others working in the local government sector.