What is Basic Income?


Imagine if you received an income that wasn’t coming from an employer. Every citizen gets one, and it is not withdrawn if your circumstances change. You get a payment your entire life, from the day you are born. The money is for you to spend as you choose. This is a Basic Income: a guaranteed income for every citizen, that is enough to live on.

At this event, the first of an ongoing series, we will ask: What is a Basic Income? How could it benefit you? Our mission is to open up the conversation about Basic Income in Scotland. We believe everyone’s contribution is valuable. These events are a chance for people to learn about basic income and feel empowered to have their say.

A Basic Income would revolutionise the way we think about issues that reach every citizen of Scotland: poverty, our broken welfare system, work, well-being and unpaid work. Each event in this series will explore a theme and how it would be affected by a basic income. Keep an eye out, we will soon be announcing details of the next two meet ups: “Basic Income and Entrepreneurism” and “Parenting and Basic Income”.

This first event will look at Basic Income through a wide lens. No prior knowledge is required, we will give a brief introduction to the past, present and future of the concept. All events in the series are free.

The Scottish Government is currently exploring how we could introduce Basic Income in four areas across Scotland; Edinburgh, Glasgow, North Ayrshire and Fife. Now is the time to join the discussion and shape the future of Basic Income in Scotland.