England & Wales

Welfare Reform Webinar: Universal benefits


This webinar will focus on the current and immediate future state of welfare reform. It will briefly examine the main changes being introduced and their effects on claimants and authorities. This includes benefit cuts, changes to benefit systems for working age and older people, changes to housing support and other areas of change.

The webinar will then go on to introduce 10 ‘hot issues’ of welfare reform, looking at their detail and consequences. Finally it will look at the current state of progress of the reforms, problems with introduction and changes to the timetable and emphasis.

The webinar will be one hour long with time included for questions and answers.

This is one in a series of webinars looking at different aspects of the welfare reform agenda; the webinars will examine changes and developments to date and look at the implications for the future. The other titles are:

Council tax support and localised welfare, 16 October

Behind the Headlines – Countering myths and misconceptions in welfare reform, 25 October

Is welfare reform value for money? Findings from the NAO, 15 January 2014


This webinar will be led by Gareth Morgan, Managing Director, Ferret Information Systems

Who should attend?

Local authority councillors and officers whose role takes in welfare reform implementation or is affected by the consequences of the changes.

Housing association officers