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Welfare Reform Webinar: Council Tax Support – value for money findings from the NAO



This webinar will be presented by: Dr Daniel Lambauer, Audit Manager; Simon Bittlestone, Audit Principal and  Richard Douglas, Senior Analyst from the National Audit Office.

On 1 April 2013 the national system of Council Tax Benefit in England was replaced by 326 local Council Tax Support schemes, and overall funding reduced by 10 per cent (around £410m). In addition to contributing to deficit reduction and localism, the Department for Communities and Local Government wants the new system to protect vulnerable groups, support work incentives, and incentivise local authorities to help get people into work.

The National Audit Office recently published its findings from a  value for money study on this reform. See link below:


In this webinar, the NAO study team will present their findings on the transition to the new system, and the risks and challenges for the future.

The webinar will be one hour long and includes time for questions and answers.


This webinar will be delivered by speakers from the National Audit Office:

  • Dr Daniel Lambauer, Audit Manager
  • Simon Bittlestone, Audit Principal
  • Richard Douglas, Senior Analyst
Who should attend?

Local authority councillors and officers whose role takes in welfare reform implementation or is affected by the consequences of the changes.

Housing association officers