The Tools for Making Successful Places


Place is the focus of so many conversations and the impacts of creating successful ones is well versed. But how do we start to make it happen?

This Planning Skills event features West Dunbartonshire’s approach to do just that. Join us as they embark on expanding the traditional role of an urban design panel into a tool to shape their growth areas into places that enhance both wellbeing and economic vitality. The planning department are leading this cross cutting approach to make the best use of their resources and create places that help communities flourish.

This is an opportunity to consider the context and ambition behind the creation of the design panel, as well as letting attendees review its applicability for their own organisation.

As Scottish Government looks to measure Planning by its outcomes, this approach represents a practical means to evidence performance on the basis of the quality of places.

This member event is primarily for those development planning and development management planners involved in co-ordinating and managing development. Other council functions and key agencies that collaborate in the plans and processes that enable this are also welcome.

The event is being held in Clydebank Town Hall as it sits immediately adjacent to one of the Council’s largest areas of growth, Queens Quay. A visual reminder of the place making task this Council is undertaking.

Jim MacDonald, CEO, Architecture and Design Scotland Will set the context on the role of urban design panels and their potential to meet West Dunbartonshire's ambition Iain Gilzean, Chief Architect, Scottish Government Will share developing thoughts on how a "Place Principle" could contribute and enable the collaborative working that lies ahead for all planning authorities Patrick McGlinchey, former Deputy Leader, West Dunbartonshire Council Having begun this process while still in office, Patrick will share his original motivation and subsequent aspirations for the Panel's outcomes