The Liveable City seminar: Healthy Cities, Healthy Buildings – How to improve quality of life for all


More and more people live in cities all over the world. Healthy living in cities is therefore paramount to increase the quality of living for an increasing number of people. It begins with the buildings in which we spent most of our time. How to create healthier buildings, offices, homes? How to make it easier to make the healthier choices? In this seminar, we’ll look at the interface between health, architectural sound buildings and urban planning.


Daisy Narayanan, Project Director, The City of Edinburgh Council

Stephen Willacy, Chief City Architect, City of Aarhus

Liselott Stenfeldt, Team Leader Interactive Spaces CPH, The Alexandra Institute

Ólöf Jonsdottir, Head of Public Affairs, Rockwool

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RECEPTION: What is a good city for everyone?