Tackling Poverty in Rural Communities: What can we learn from Dumfries and Galloway


Evidence shows the key driver of acute food insecurity in Scotland is income crisis rather than a lack of food. Until we tackle the underlying causes of income crises, the need for emergency food aid in Scotland is likely to continue to grow.

Everyone involved and interested in the response to food insecurity and income maximisation in Dumfries and Galloway is invited to join the discussion about how advice and support services in rural localities can best support people to access the cash, rights, and food they are entitled to in a crisis, and prevent these crises from happening in the first place.

This event will help us consider:

· What are the special challenges rural communities face when responding to food insecurity and income maximisation?

· What initiatives are already happening in Dumfries and Galloway?

· What is being successfully trialled and implemented in other rural localities?

Speakers will include representatives from:

· A Menu for Change

· Dumfries & Galloway Council

· Dumfries & Galloway Citizens Advice Service

· And guest speakers from other rural localities

The event is free of charge and lunch will be provided at the start. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any specific dietary or access requirements.

Registration deadline: 26th October 2018