Tackling Poverty Forum Dumfries


The next Tackling Poverty Forum will present an opportunity to explore and collaborate on how best to move forward with the group and form what the next steps may be.

This new forum could help everyone to work together to:

  • Develop partnership opportunities between organisations which previously had no contact; enabling promotion and collaborative working between providers;
  • Establishing a new e-mail network which will highlight successful projects, provide details of potential funding opportunities and networking events;
  • Sharing best practice to support existing and new organisations to emulate the success of others;
  • Avoid duplication of services and re-focus support to where it is most needed;
  • Identifying gaps and challenges to influence future working.

We are delighted to have Colin Freeman, the Participatory Budgeting Manager Dumfries and Galloway Council, attending this forum to talk with us about Participatory Budgeting and give us the opportunity to feedback our views on this.

If you feel this is something you would be intrested in or could contribute towards, your attendance would be appreciated.