StrongEST, SmartEST, EasiEST – meet ESTONIA’S e-government


Mrs Tiina Intelmann, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to Great Britain, is delighted to invite you to the Estonia-Scotland Digital Public Services event in Glasgow – part of the Estonia Now festival celebrating the Republic’s 100th anniversary.

Hear from Linnar Viik, Estonia’s Programme Director for Smart Government and Co-Founder of the e-Government Academy, and from Adam Rang, Chief Evangelist of Estonia’s e-Residency Project.

Join leaders from Estonia and Scotland’s digital public services sector and from the two nations’ start-up and SME sectors in debating the progress made in using technology to deliver smart, secure, and accessible public services.

Learn of opportunities to:

  • Bring innovation to public services
  • How public services can in turn help companies
  • Internationalise your business
  • Collaborate between government and business in Scotland and Estonia.


StrongEST, SmartEST, EasiEST – meet ESTONIA’S e-government, November 16, 2018, Technology & Innovation Centre, University of Strathclyde

8.30 Registration and coffee

9.00 Opening remarks:

Chair, FutureScot

Tiina Intelmann, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to Great Britain

9.30 Keynote: The little country that could ‘e’ – Estonia’s development of digital public services

Speaker: Linnar Viik, Programme Director for Smart Government and Co-Founder, e-Government Academy, Estonia.

10.00 Keynote: Thinking outside the borders – why Estonia offers e-Residency

Speaker: Adam Rang, Chief Evangelist, e-Residency Project, Estonia.

10.30 Panel discussion: Digital public services helping business/ startups

Linnar Viik, Programme Director for Smart Government and Co-Founder, e-Government Academy, Estonia.

Adam Rang, Chief Evangelist, e-Residency Project, Estonia.

Mikk Tamme, Business Development UK, MobiLab, Estonia.

11.00 Event close.


Estonia, a small Nordic country with a population of 1.3m, started building digital society two decades ago. Today, it is one of the most advanced digital societies in the world where state services are 99% online and available 24/7.

Setting up a business online takes 15 minutes and filing an annual tax return online only three minutes. Medical records are available online and a centralised paperless system allows the issuing and handling of e-prescriptions around the clock.

It is possible to vote online, and around one-third of citizens use the service. Primary school children are taught computer programming and secondary school children learn how to build apps. This year, Estonia celebrated its fourth ‘unicorn’; Taxify, the car-hailing service with 500,000 drivers, 10 million users, and a 150m Euro investment from Daimler.

The country has been a path-finder in public e-services, eager to seek out the best solutions, learn from mistakes, and share the experiences. Cooperation and digital leadership is the key. Estonia could not have developed its digital eco-system so quickly and efficiently without the partnership between private and public sectors, as well as research institutions, and the voluntary IT community.

Many of Estonia’s innovations and e-solutions have been successfully adapted in more than 60 nations; a third of the world. With e-residency, e-services are available to anyone using an e-residency digital ID card. The country also aims to adjust to the future, moving basic services into a fully digital mode. This way, Estonia can stay focussed on its values of efficiency, openness, security, and innovation.

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This event is organized in partnership with Futurescot and Estonian Honorary Consul Mr. Peter Ferry.