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Strategic thinking


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Creative, strategic thinking is massively important to a politically led and fast-changing organisation. That’s why we’re taking you beyond the buzzwords and confusing jargon to focus on how to think strategically and apply that mindset to a coherent vision for your organisation’s future. Get the tools you need to influence your team and implement your plans in this highly interactive training.

Key outcomes

  • Understand strategic thinking and how it’s used in your organisation
  • Learn the difference between strategic thinking and strategic planning
  • Develop a strategic approach to change with practical tools and techniques

Who should attend

The workshop is intended for managers and elected members looking to develop more strategic and creative responses to the challenges faced by authorities. It is also useful for those with strategic roles in organisational change and policy making.

Your LGIU Trainer

Keith Crampton is an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator specialising in Local Government but with experience in private sector organisations as well as charities. He brings an enthusiastic and engaging approach coupled with a focus on achieving real improvements in individual and organisational performance.

What others are saying about LGIU training

I learnt a great deal about strategic thinking and planning and feel much more confident to apply the new skills I’ve acquired. Thank you for running such an insightful and interactive session. I really enjoyed the training and will be recommending it to my colleagues.

– Shireena, from Waltham Forest