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State of the Locals 2023



The last 12 months have been a dramatic time in national politics. Since the last set of local elections we’ve seen multiple Prime Ministers come and go, the economy has fluctuated, and the opinion polls have shifted dramatically. But for all the substantial changes in national politics, now is the time to focus on local democracy.

This May, 230 councils in England and every Northern Irish council will hold local elections. The first elections in England held with mandatory voter identification. Elections that will decide on the governance of essential local services for millions of people. Elections that really matter.

This virtual panel hosted by the LGIU and Ipsos will bring together political and local government experts to share their predictions and ones to watch ahead of the 2023 local elections, reflecting on new and exclusive polling by Ipsos/LGIU to examine why this year’s elections really matter.

Key areas of exploration

Join our speakers as they discuss the contests to watch, public attitudes to local democracy, voter ID, and the future of local democracy in the UK.

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Who should attend

Stakeholders from across the local government sector and beyond with an interest in this year’s local elections and wider local democracy issues.

Speakers include

Dr Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGIU

Keiran Pedley, Research Director in Public Affairs, Politics and Society, Ipsos UK

Dr Hannah Bunting, Lecturer in Quantitative British Politics, University of Exeter

Dr Greg Stride, Research Assistant, LGIU